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Suchitra at ThePhdMama tagged me and passed on the Versatile Blogger award. Thank you Suchi! Reading her email brought forth a rush of memories about my early days as a blogger when awards were plentiful and there was sincere joy in flaunting and passing on the baton.

Perhaps it is my age, perhaps it is that I no longer follow as many blogs but when I saw the email, it was nostalgia that swept over me. So in lieu of tagging others, I will thank Suchitra for tagging me and urge readers to share random facts about themselves in the comments.

Seven facts I discovered rather recently about me.

  1. I am an introvert. This was such a revelation for me. For years I thought of myself as wanting attention. I remember days in school and college when I would be the first to raise my hand, the first to head to the dais and the first to volunteer for anything that needed a hand. Over the past few years, I realize I prefer intimate groups to large ones, conversation over dancing and thought before talk. These days I think a lot before volunteering for anything, I resist small talk and prefer to stay in the fringe rather than take the limelight.
  2. I stutter when I am stressed or excited. This has been happening recently. Job interviews, new crowds, doctors. The list is few but each time I feel like what I say is important, I feel my body chill, my words tumble over each other and a shivering that has nothing to do with the ambient temperature.
  3. I care about people. Often when I am cold shouldered, ignored or sidelined, I pretend it is OK. I pretend that I am are bigger than them but I am not. I rue over it. I think about it when I am lonely. I dissect my behavior to see what could have been the problem. I blame myself. Sometimes a good cry helps.
  4. I am particular about portion sizes when I am sharing. Each morning as I divvy up food between three boxes, I pack Laddu’s first and then divide the rest equally between the twins. I take my time, squint and look at the boxes from different angles until I am convinced they really are equal. I count equal number of grapes, berries and anything that is discrete.
  5. I have rediscovered reading the way I did when I was a child. Each morning I wait for the kids to leave to school, Saathi to leave for work and I read. I read until the alarm goes and I have to leave to pick Laddu. I read each night after everyone is in bed. I am up until 2:30 and wake at 5:30. I tell myself I should nap and end up reading when I am supposed to be napping.
  6. I realize I rely on spellcheck and autocorrect so much that I have trouble with words I knew so well before. It appalls me (yes I had to think about the spelling to that too.)
  7. I love this phase of my life and because I know highs are followed by lows, I dread what is next.

Go on, be a sport, share something about you.



  1. Sweet list of things.. Good to know am not the only one who ends up reading that late into the night.. 🙂

    And much to everyone’s surprise am an introvert as well..

  2. Yay! You did it. I can’t believe you get just about 3 hours of sleep and are still so productive. I am so inspired. Coincidentally, I woke up at 5:30 am today and exercised. Don’t know if I can keep it up but I am going to try.
    Thanks for doing this post.

  3. Such a honest post about yourself. Loved it. I found myself nodding in affirmative to most of the points.
    Blogging kind of binds us all in an invisible thread. We are all kindred souls in a way.

  4. All seven points, you stole out of my head. I don’t have twins, but when I pack an interesting snack for my kid, I pack some for the carpool kids too, and am strict about portion equality.

    5 – is not true for me now, but I go in cycles, so there are phases when I do that too.

    7. I KNOW. Whenever I am happy, I am also a bit scared because I know that that too shall pass.

  5. Beautiful points Laksh. 1. and 3. are my favourites. But, 3 hours is way too less, and am sure you know that too. If you think your body needs more sleep, please take some. You know your body better. 🙂 Have a nice day.

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