Guest Post – Representative Content for South Asian Children

Do you ever feel a closer connection to a book when you see yourself in it? We do and we are sure our children need this feeling too!


We at Indian Moms Connect (IMC) believe representative media is important for everyone and more so for young children, as it directly helps build their self-esteem and sense of identity. We believe it important for our kids to see themselves, their culture, their stories in the books they read. We want to see these stories reflected in the books, apps and other forms of media to which all kids are exposed to nowadays.

It is with this idea in mind, that IMC came up with the idea to present this unique festival coming up in the Fall of 2016. The Festival of South Asian Children’s Content (FSACC) will be a not-for-profit event held in the Bay Area – ICC Milpitas, California on Saturday, November 5th, 2016.

The Festival will bring together like-minded creators in the South Asian Children’s Content space to collaborate, network and reach out to the larger community to spread awareness about quality content that is available. It will be an amazing opportunity- to bring together people from both sides of the spectrum under one roof, and enable direct interaction of parents with content writers, while aiming at a common goal of spreading awareness on the content available and also to understand what we can do to achieve more.

The event will be open to the public with an opportunity to purchase books and more which they may not find elsewhere. Parent and kids can participate in storytelling and craft sessions and interact with the authors and publishers.

What to Expect –

10 am to 4 pm – Free Event Open to the Public

Unique Vendors with Children’s Content

Storytelling and Craft Sessions

6pm – Interactive Q & A Sessions with Authors Miltali Perkins and Nandini Bajpai

More here –



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