It is early in the morning. The kids are still asleep. It is one of those rare weekend mornings when I have the house to myself and nothing on my agenda, not even making breakfast. The air is chill, in the upper fifties. I am walking around in a gray faded capris and a much-loved … Continue reading Disquiet

In The Blink Of An Eye

I curl myself around Laddu. My hand strokes her back. She snuggles closer. It is 7:30 AM. I could have woken her up. Instead, I lie and stare at this bundle of cuteness. She senses me watching her and looks up. Her face breaks into a smile that is pure joy. We cuddle some more … Continue reading In The Blink Of An Eye

Tomorrow I will…

“Let’s play konji konji Amma,” she says, her eyes pleading with me. I reluctantly put away my phone and scoop her up. We cuddle, bounce, trade squishy hugs and sit on the recliner looking at clouds through the window. It is mid morning. We have not showered yet. I am loathe to move, to bring … Continue reading Tomorrow I will…

In Limbo

It is past 9:30 AM. Kids are in school, the kitchen is as clean as I can muster energy for, the laundry is done and I am showered and ready with nowhere to go. I walk around the home mentally going over the list of people I could call. I give up and put the … Continue reading In Limbo

3 Quote Challenge: 1

LG of Gobblefunk Words tagged me on this 3 Quote Challenge where you share a quote that resonates with you for three days and tag other bloggers who would like to participate. So, here goes my all time favorite quote. This quote came to me at a time when my self esteem was at its … Continue reading 3 Quote Challenge: 1

The Charades I Play

It is drizzling, water spraying on me from trees bent with rain water. I skip over one puddle to land right in the middle of another. Rivulets of water snake past my feet as I move towards my car. I am in no particular hurry. My bag dangles from one arm, my phone on the … Continue reading The Charades I Play

Random Facts About Me

Suchitra at ThePhdMama tagged me and passed on the Versatile Blogger award. Thank you Suchi! Reading her email brought forth a rush of memories about my early days as a blogger when awards were plentiful and there was sincere joy in flaunting and passing on the baton. Perhaps it is my age, perhaps it is … Continue reading Random Facts About Me

What’s on your fridge?

Preeti Shenoy had this post on her blog a while ago which captured my attention and I have been wanting to do this for a while now. Finally found the time to take a picture and upload. Like Preeti says, fridges do have character. Every time am at a friend's place, I am fascinated by … Continue reading What’s on your fridge?

It’s a love story and it refuses to let go

There are some songs that get stuck in your head and go on an endless loop. Some are silly, some mushy and some meaningless. Something about the music haunts you inside. The harder you try to 'not' hum inside, the worse it gets. In that category is this song below. It refuses to get out … Continue reading It’s a love story and it refuses to let go