Defining Success: Yet

I was logged in to work, early for a Friday morning that is, when Laddu, also logged into her school iPad in the same room, walked up to me. Her face was serious. I removed my ear phones and gave her my full attention preparing myself to send a note to her teacher whatever the … Continue reading Defining Success: Yet


Photo by The Devil on I look at the app on my phone right after I am done walking for the day. It tracks a multitude of things like sleep, exercise and mood. Occasionally there is a challenge of sorts. The latest one is mindfulness. Each day, it asks me if I have been … Continue reading Mindfulness

Featuring: Varsha Creative Studio

Today's post is a departure from my usual posts. My niece Varsha, all of fifteen years is a budding entrepreneur and I have been watching her grow and come into her own. Obviously, as an aunt I am biased and I am proud of this child. I asked her if she would like to share … Continue reading Featuring: Varsha Creative Studio

Jaded, Faded.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Laddu was at her school desk painstakingly taping Dum-Dum pops to her dinosaur sticker valentine cards. She was excited. It is all she has been talking about this week. Today, when she is back home, she will bring with her a box full of valentine cards, an assortment of … Continue reading Jaded, Faded.

A Home On My Back

Photo by rompalli harish on My weekly astrology classes take up a bulk of my Saturdays. I am actively listening to theory, catching up on podcasts related to the material taught and applying the concepts I learn to my natal chart. The rest of the time though, my mind is processing and viewing my … Continue reading A Home On My Back

What The “F”

Photo by cottonbro on Just before I set the table for dinner, I check the school district's app for parents, the one that shows at a glance, attendance, grades and, assignments. The red indicator at the top tells me I have new messages. I feel dread as I click on it. The list of … Continue reading What The “F”


Photo by Kristin Vogt on I wake up a little after 4:00 am most days. Today, I woke feeling happy and rested which is a rarity. It has been two days since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were sworn in as President and Vice President. I cried as I watched them take their oath. … Continue reading Respite

Memories Bring Back Memories

Photo by Pixabay on Today marks eleven years to the day since we received the call from the social worker. It was a Thursday, like today. Earlier in the morning, I had written in my blog. “Ever get that feeling that you are caught on the median with vehicles flying past both ways wondering … Continue reading Memories Bring Back Memories

#LettersToKamala – Tryst With Fame

Early in January, the Biden Inaugural Committee put out a call on social media asking for children to write a letter to our VP-Elect Kamala Harris. I promptly bookmarked the tweet and asked all three of my children if they would write to her. My reasoning was simple. This is history in the making. VP-Elect … Continue reading #LettersToKamala – Tryst With Fame

Hard Conversations

Photo by Vincent M.A. Janssen on Not unlike a day last year following George Floyd's death at the hands of the police, I stood by the kitchen island and played a seven minute video showing what happened in the nation's Capitol yesterday. All three of my children watched in horror as men and women … Continue reading Hard Conversations

Parenting From The Sidelines

Photo by burak kostak on I watch my twins laugh and chat with their friends from school over Facetime. The happy faces, the whispered exchanges and the giggles that break out every once in a while, make me amused. I think about the time I was eleven in the pre telephone, pre internet days … Continue reading Parenting From The Sidelines

Goodbye, 2020. Welcome 2021.

Photo by Disha Sheta on It is New Year’s eve as I write this. My morning has been productive. I’ve cooked an elaborate meal of vendekka morkuzhambu, beans parupu usili with ample help from Amma. I have two batches of Jalapeno bread proving in the oven, I also have four rounds of laundry in … Continue reading Goodbye, 2020. Welcome 2021.

2020: The Year In Review

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on January this year started on a promising note with my then yet to be published book showing up on a list of anticipated reads for the year. The month also saw me read and review The Good Talk on my blog. This book came to haunt me in many … Continue reading 2020: The Year In Review

Spiritual, Not Religious

Photo by Being.the.traveller on These days I am often on YouTube following my favorite astrologers as they talk craft, offer insights and sometimes do mundane predictions. I am fascinated by this science. I always have been. Numerology, Palm reading, Chart reading, Psychics and the occult have interested me. I have googled paranormal phenomenon, out … Continue reading Spiritual, Not Religious

COVID-19 Diaries: Kindnesses

I walk around my home, moving my body as I walk, nudging my heart rate up. The view out the windows around the home is bright and cheery. It is cold outside. It has been a while since I went out of my home at all. Outside of the one time in a day when … Continue reading COVID-19 Diaries: Kindnesses


Photo by James Wheeler on The almost full moon outside my kitchen window is ethereal. I stand transfixed mulling the wonder that is an object suspended in space reflecting light off its surface. I have always enjoyed natural beauty. This year has made me appreciate what I have around me even more. Occasionally I … Continue reading Crossroads

Thanksgiving 2020: Much To Be Grateful For

Photo by Jill Wellington on As murky as the origins of Thanksgiving are, I have made it my time of the year to look back on the year that was and be cognizant of the things I am grateful for. A good many are the same year after year. Health, Family, Friends, Food and … Continue reading Thanksgiving 2020: Much To Be Grateful For