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COVID-19 Diaries: Pockets Of Happy

I woke with throbbing pain behind my right eye, the premonition of a raging migraine for later in the day. I powered on, hoping the pain will go away. By mid-day, the light from the screen, the smells from cooking, the sounds of my children happily playing all clashed, clanged and reduced me to tears. […]

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COVID-19, Diary, Journal, Musings

COVID-19 Diaries: Ambivalent

Today caps two full weeks of the entire family staying home. We are settling into a pattern of sorts. If last week felt overwhelming because I was trying to be a conscientious employee and a full-time homemaker, this week was better because I decided perfection is impossible. I let things slide. I told myself it […]

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COVID-19, Diary, Musings

COVID-19 Diaries: A New Normal

I wake up sans alarm. My varied routine now has me logging into work with coffee, catching up on emails, working out and then scrambling to put breakfast before the slew of work calls start at 8:30 am. Saathi works at a steady pace until the children are up and then take over trying to […]

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COVID-19 Diaries: Struggling

Today marks the end of the first work week of quarantine. A week in which as working adults we were expected to put in full days, homeschool kids and keep the house running. The work part went okay because it fell to me to organize my time and do what is needed to keep things […]

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