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Thanksgiving And An Ask

Thanksgiving is around the corner. It is the time of the year when I take stock of the year gone past and process the big and small things that I am grateful for. 2020 has been a strange year. It started with a bang. I was counting on my debut children’s fiction book (Why is […]

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Deepavali Is An Emotion

My feed(s) on social media are filled with Diwali wishes. They feature clay diyas with flickering shadows, bright colored rangoli and mithai boxes. The wishes feel alien, the way it feels when someone wishes me Happy Halloween. These customs are new and strange. As a family we have taken to them, they have grown on […]

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On Saturday, I danced. I never do. This election has had me on edge as nothing has before. In 2016, I was rooting for our first woman President. Trump was a figure in the periphery. Someone whom I did not like based on what I saw. A person who mocked disabled people, eyed women purely […]

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Sitting With The Pain

My eyes are glued to my phone, the screen that is being shared too tiny for me to follow. The voice in my ears is talking about some test strategy. I am there mentally but physically I am in the morning sun, walking home after waving bye to my youngest as she boards her morning […]

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Election Day 2020

It hits me in waves through the day, this notion that we are living through History. This year, this election, this place that America has in the world, it all comes to what happens today and in the weeks following. Four years ago, I was buoyant. I was hopefully that THE glass ceiling will be […]

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NAAM: All About The Awareness

Imagine the feeling of finding you are pregnant, only that it is terror. Terror because you are not sure if you can support the pregnancy. Perhaps, you have no familial support. Perhaps, you do not have that financial safety net that is imperative to bring a child into the world and then see it through […]

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COVID-19 Diaries: Dilemma

I lace up Laddu’s new hi-top shoes. She tests them out tentatively. I force a fleece jacket on top of her already cozy top. Her school bag is heavy. Her literature anthologies, fundations journals, composition books, iPad, charger, water bottle and lunch box weigh her down. She is ready though, masked, eyes twinkling and raring […]

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COVID-19 Diaries: Pandemic Pets

I watch as my middle child sneaks furtively into the kitchen and scamper out with a disposable plastic container. I call out to her and she freezes. She hands over the container and refuses to answer my questions on what it was for. I am miffed and curious but not suspicious yet. A little while […]

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COVID-19 Diaries: Battle Weary

It’s Friday. My oldest is sitting next to me, her earbuds plugged in, her school iPad screen reflected on her glasses. I am amused. She is supposed to working on a diagnostic. I watch her swap screens to youtube and call her out. At this point, I am just weary of trying to keep tabs, […]

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Essay: On Loss and, Love

I talk as I walk to the voice on the other end which is a tad weakened as it traverses the eight thousand miles from India to make its way to me. I strain to listen, filling in missed syllables knowing the words she would have used from our years of association. By the time […]

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Personal Politics

I step out in the predawn light ready for my walk when I spy the sign by the garage entrance. My walk timer is already on. I pause it while I consider where to put the sign up. I skip the lawn or the strip by the pavement even though it would be more visible […]

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COVID-19 Diaries: Rollback

Late afternoon yesterday, I swapped out the static page I have on my blog from the book landing page to my regular About page. It was bittersweet. From the beginning of the year, I counted down to my book release. I made plans and unmade them. The adrenalin rush between the release on Kindle and […]

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COVID-19 Diaries: Virtual School

It is late Monday morning. It is also a long weekend. I should be cooking, instead I am seated at the breakfast table, two iPads, two dated planners next to me, my Macbook open to a spreadsheet, my iPhone showing me the schedule for the child whose planner I am attempting to fill. I have […]

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Happy Birthday

COVID-19 Diaries: Birthdays Are Non-Events

In the hazy blur that is since COVID hit, days run into each other, with no distinction between work and home, rest and action. It is a homogenous, seamless blending of hours demarcated only by the meal hours. We gather around the table two times a day, partake in a meal and go our separate […]

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