3 Quote Challenge: 2

The first time I heard this quote in the movie, it stuck with me. Pithy, profound and applicable to almost everything in my life, I have quoted it to myself more often than I can count. On the first day home with Ammu and Pattu, I lay on the carpet, the twins crawling around me. … Continue reading 3 Quote Challenge: 2

3 Quote Challenge: 1

LG of Gobblefunk Words tagged me on this 3 Quote Challenge where you share a quote that resonates with you for three days and tag other bloggers who would like to participate. So, here goes my all time favorite quote. This quote came to me at a time when my self esteem was at its … Continue reading 3 Quote Challenge: 1

Random Facts About Me

Suchitra at ThePhdMama tagged me and passed on the Versatile Blogger award. Thank you Suchi! Reading her email brought forth a rush of memories about my early days as a blogger when awards were plentiful and there was sincere joy in flaunting and passing on the baton. Perhaps it is my age, perhaps it is … Continue reading Random Facts About Me

A tag – Five questions

Perspectives and Prejudices tagged me a while back and I am finally getting to it. One beauty product you would recommend to all your girlfriends Hmm! Wrong person to ask this considering I do not use any. I have an old bottle of Lakme eyeliner rattling around in my vanity drawer that I use on … Continue reading A tag – Five questions

A tag! A tag!!

Jennifer over at The Things I Yell At My Television nominated me for A Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Thank you very much!! The rules for the nominees are: Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you. List the rules and display the award. Share seven facts about yourself. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs … Continue reading A tag! A tag!!

Bucket list of sorts

Shankari of Narad Tales had this tag on her blog and it made me wonder about what I would like to do when am a little more grown up. The idea is to list five things you want to learn/do in the near future. So, here goes! 1. Learn to dance. Not classical or any … Continue reading Bucket list of sorts

Q & A – Just for you Shalu

A few days back Shalu who blogs at Das Leben left a note for me saying she tagged me. It's been a while since I did one so wanted to take this one up. Now, before I actually do this one, I have to share this. She occupies a special place in my life. My … Continue reading Q & A – Just for you Shalu

Why Ten? Cos Apar says so!

Apar tagged me a couple of weeks back asking me to link up ten of my favorite songs in my native tongue, Hindi and English. At least that is how I understood it. I am most definitely not going to list 30 here but thought I will take this up so I can look back … Continue reading Why Ten? Cos Apar says so!

K is for…

A while back, Apar had this post up which intrigued me. I asked for a letter and got one. So here I go. You leave a comment on this post, and I’ll assign you a letter. You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. … Continue reading K is for…

Got two minutes? Take this test :)

Midway through my lunch of ghee laced sambar rice and green beans, I was aimlessly browsing through my blogroll. Apar of Random Ruminations had a link to the Castle Personality Test. Dismissing it off hand, I read through her analysis. I was intrigued. Now, I couldn't give this a pass could I? Six simple questions … Continue reading Got two minutes? Take this test ðŸ™‚

Candid Camera?

Not really! Apar of Random Ruminations tagged me yet again 🙂 This time though it was a tag I loved doing. As you can see from the very nature of my blog, I love sharing. My personal life, my hurts, my successes and occasionally pictures. The rule of this tag is to publish an old … Continue reading Candid Camera?

Long overdue tag, award and a request

Apar of Random Ruminations tagged me a long time back and I am yet to honor her request. I am sure I have a few more tags that are yet to see the light of day. I hope to get to them in order. She also passed on these awards. I am really grateful and … Continue reading Long overdue tag, award and a request

A peek into my mind.

Apar of Random Ruminations had done this a while back. I was intrigued and wanted to see what I would come up with. Some surprised me as well. Anyways, here it is. I am: beautiful in my eyes I think: way too much I know: I am loved I have: an awesome set of friends … Continue reading A peek into my mind.

Life is a song.

Bavani of A journey of life... tagged me. I know. I know. Most of you are weary of tags. I am too. This one however, caught my fancy because it made me think. The tag is about sharing a song that I think describes me. Before I read the tag correctly, a dozen songs flashed … Continue reading Life is a song.

When your life is an open book

Mitr of Mitr's Ideas from Bay Area has tagged me. This time though it is to reveal 10 little known facts about me. That's the problem you see when your life is an open book. Well! Almost. I remember having done a similar tag earlier. I hope I am not repeating myself. This is what … Continue reading When your life is an open book