Little Moments Thursday

I stood by the stove pouring dosa batter on to the sizzling cast iron pan. The heady fumes of sesame oil wafted up. I turned around to scan the room as I do when Ammani and Pattani are around and unfettered. I saw Saathi was by the island as well. Reassured, I turned my attention back to the stove. A tiny voice piped up “You are so cutie appa”. I smiled and turned to see Pattani hold her dad by her tiny palm very territorially and rub the back of his palm with tenderness beyond anything I had seen.

Pure, unconditional love. I stood still for a moment, soaking it up. Moments like these remind me to slow down. To ignore the clock ticking and take in the little things that happen around me. It reminds me to roll down the window and not worry about frizzy hair. It prompts me to walk slowly to the mailbox instead of sprinting to beat the cold. It makes me pause to admire the earthworm as it buries itself in the dirt.

In the little, everyday moments, I am sculpting the legacy that I will leave behind tomorrow.


Author. Parent.

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