For my little Valentine(s) – Much love!

With Ammani and Pattani in bed, I scrambled around the house trying to hunt down the pack of pink princess stickers I knew I had bought a while back. After combing through the house in vain, I resigned myself to the fact that I probably stored them too safely. I had a box of plain paper and matching envelopes. If only I had those stickers my life would have been easier I thought as I went to work. I googled cute valentine ideas and found a couple of websites that had handmade card ideas.

The next hour and half saw me sketching and writing love notes for pint sized valentines. My back killed me as I folded the notes and tucked them in small envelopes, addressed them and stacked them on the island. I felt proud of myself. Sitting back on the recliner I realized why it made me so happy. Whether or not I celebrated Valentine’s day, it mattered to me that my children are not left behind. That they feel included and part of a group. If that meant hunting for sketch pens at 10:00 in the night or searching for pink stickers, I was going to do it.

At a deeper level, it was a need to give my children the best I can. Perhaps that is the essence of Valentine’s Day? Perhaps not. Happy Valentine’s Day folks. Give yourself a hug and remember that you are the best!


Author. Parent.

6 thoughts on “For my little Valentine(s) – Much love!

    1. Thank you! The kids have a luncheon today at school. Sent carrots with dip and cheese sandwiches. Much love to you and your family too. Enjoy the day!

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