Ode to kindness

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I sit sniffling away to glory at my desk surreptitiously discarding soggy tissues in the trash can under my desk. I wipe my desk every once in a while feeling almost guilty for having come to work. Staring long and hard at an issue I should have fixed hours back, I realize I need a break. I lift my head and see my colleague and friend leave his desk. So much so for a break I mutter and figure I might as well get lunch out of the way.

Laboring through a huge box of aviyal, I pause every now and then to try to breathe through my nose. It seems an uphill effort. I put my box away and focus again on the task at hand when I hear a chair being pulled up behind me. A white bag appears and the kindly frame of my colleague behind it. Wordlessly he pulls out a bright lemon, a bright orange cup of steaming hot water, a smaller cup of honey, a knife to slice the lemon, a spoon to stir my hot water with lemon and honey and a bunch of paper napkins.

I find my eyes tearing up. Sipping on the delicious warm medicinal cocktail, I mull over what kindness means. Today it looks very much like my friend beside me.

How does yours look like today?


  1. many a times, acts of kindness come in most unexpected times from un expected places..fell better enKay

    yes my day was good too. on the way back it was snowing (blasting ) bad and roads were slippery. I noticed that the drivers were courteous to each other.

  2. Nice.
    Mine is spent staring at the monitor too, trying to meet a deadline ! No sniffing for me, but the neck is all bunched up. Oh, if only I had a colleague who would spray some muscle relaxant on the offending part !

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