I Am Jane Doe – Terrifying, Gripping and All Too Real

Late last night, I tucked my youngest into bed and watched her fall asleep before I crept away to the comfort zone that is my laptop. After writing a post that was a look back on 16 years of wedded bliss, I turned to Netflix. I scrolled through the sections aimlessly until my eyes stopped … Continue reading I Am Jane Doe – Terrifying, Gripping and All Too Real

You Are Not Alone

“What is on your mind?” exhorts Facebook when I turn to my phone in a moment of despair “Craptastic (pun intended)” I type and then backspace, watching each letter and my life disappear into an unseen void. My fingers are smudged with dosa batter drying into a white powder that flakes off as my hands … Continue reading You Are Not Alone

On Politics, Liberalism And Being A Snowflake

The year was 2000. I filed my first tax return. I think I was owed money from the government. I am not sure but I did not follow-up or deem it worth my time to find out. I was young, unencumbered and singularly apolitical. In the few years I had been eligible to vote, I … Continue reading On Politics, Liberalism And Being A Snowflake

Paying Tributes Over Time and Space

I eye the phone longingly. My fingers itch to dial Amma’s cell phone number but I desist. I can picture my family this morning. All of my dad’s siblings and their spouses gathered to observe the yearly anniversary of my Thatha’s passing. I imagine the kitchen busy, bustling. I can almost see my aunts and … Continue reading Paying Tributes Over Time and Space

Just being – LMT

I work, eyes narrowed with focus, brushing the silky locks to one side of her face. I make three parts and interleave each lock to make a braid. I tie it at the end with a band and look back to admire my handiwork. Pattu looks at me, innocence personified, as I hold her chin … Continue reading Just being – LMT

Lost and found: Life goes on

Balancing a load of folded clothes in my hands, I spy the letter for the twins I have to file away in their memento box. Picking it up I gingerly make my way upstairs. Stowing away clothes, I take the letter to my room and open up the grey suitcase that houses things old and … Continue reading Lost and found: Life goes on

Unexpected discoveries: Finding myself

I cut the conversation short. I feel relief as I continue loading the dishes. The disenchantment I feel is typed away in 140 characters or less but I refrain from hitting post. The picture of all three of my daughters in one frame begs me to upload to Facebook, but I demur. I look at … Continue reading Unexpected discoveries: Finding myself

Leaving a trail of sentiments

She flitted into my life, like a butterfly one day in the past year - bright, cheerful and full of energy. Her expressive eyes filled her face imbuing it with a spark that rarely left a person untouched. Her hands told a story of their own as her voice modulated up and down animating the … Continue reading Leaving a trail of sentiments

Losses: People on pedestals

Sometimes in life, a realization so startling occurs when you least expect it. Like when you are in the shower or when you are mid sentence talking about inane things. Sometimes it is triggered by memories. Today's Writing 101 prompt at Daily post is about a three-part series. It asks you to talk about losses. … Continue reading Losses: People on pedestals


I lean back on the recliner adjusting my frame for maximal comfort and rest my arms across my torso. My eyes fall on the silver bracelets that encircle my wrists. Burnished silver specked with brown beads. I finger them lazily and my thoughts go back to the weekend. A montage of memories slide past my … Continue reading Celebrations

When the forces collude

Recently, I have this new-found love for all things weather. I follow weather pages, twitter handles that discuss weather and scan maps from different models to see what the next week or a few days out will look like. I plan ahead, reschedule doctor appointments and work around having to drive when the roads are … Continue reading When the forces collude

Unexpected treasures

It was well past sunset as we set out in PJ's and multiple layers of clothing. Our car trunk loaded with perishables from the fridge and the freezer. As we navigated slick turns on a deserted road, the headlights caught in the icicles dangling off tree branches and twinkled eerily. It felt like Narnia except … Continue reading Unexpected treasures

Investing in relationships

Every week, some times in the afternoon, some times late at night, I get a call or a message on GTalk. Questions that are insightful as well as reflective. They probe into how I am feeling, they offer support when I have not really asked for it out loud. Mostly they are there, silent company … Continue reading Investing in relationships

Morning musings

I woke to the pitter-patter of little feet on the carpet followed by a warm body snuggling next to me under the covers. A muted light shone in my eyes. Fluttering my eyelids open, I was treated to a bluish-green radiance coming off the glow-pet that pattu held in her hands. Reaching by feel to … Continue reading Morning musings

Guardian angels

An impromptu food drop off from a friend turned neighbor. A text that says "Vetti? Call??". Weekly check in calls. GTalk conversations that start with "Oye" and end with a promise to visit. Emails that offer to pick up favorites from a store away from where I live. Unplanned afternoon meet ups. Conversations that hum … Continue reading Guardian angels

Mirrored memories

Taking a break from work yesterday afternoon, I made my way upstairs carrying a load of freshly laundered clothes. Putting them away, my eyes fell on the suitcase I had taken with me on my trip last week. It stood mute as if challenging me to open it up and relive the good times. I … Continue reading Mirrored memories

Stars and wishes

"Good friends are like stars. You do not always see them. But you know they are always there." Admiration, Annoyance, Affection, Frustration, Pride, Envy, Freedom, Insecurity, Hurt, Guilt and Happiness. A friendship that has seen the spectrum of emotions from good to bad and then more. Sixteen years of knowing, growing and evolving together. An … Continue reading Stars and wishes

The lightness of being

I set my laptop on the kitchen island, set the saute pan on the stove and turned the music on. As I tempered and seasoned the vegetables, I swayed to the music. I let the music possess my soul and let go of inhibitions. "Mommy look! I do just like you!" I turned to see … Continue reading The lightness of being

To Ma’am With Love

I was bent picking up strewn toys when the phone rang. I rushed to get it for fear of the sound waking the kids from their nap. The number was unfamiliar. I said "Hello" tentatively. The voice on the other end was clear and measured. Just as I remembered from my school days. My English … Continue reading To Ma’am With Love

Kindred spirits

I packed away my earphones, grabbed the umbrella remembering the thunder shower warnings and gave the front seats of my car a last glance before I locked and walked away. Waiting for the elevator, I noticed a gentleman unloading his trunk of a pack of water bottles and mini cupcakes. Potluck breakfast I thought as … Continue reading Kindred spirits

What’s in a title?

We stood in a circle like we always do. At the turn of the hour, the stand up meeting commenced. We each clearly stated what we had done, what we had left and impediments if any. As is the rule, when everyone who had a stake in that release had their say, the floor was … Continue reading What’s in a title?