Remembering to forget

Most days somewhere between the time I wake and my coffee, I think about what date it is. It normally reminds me of birthdays, anniversaries or special memories associated with the day. I think about the person or persons, events, places that hold a place in my heart for that day before moving on. Some days like today, I remember and then I try to ignore.

For years now, I have wished without regard to whether or not the recipient reciprocates or appreciates that I thought of them. For me it was about celebrating the fact that I remembered and loved them. That there was an earthquake that year this day. That it will be eleven years of togetherness.

Today though as I pause to remember, I also pause to think if it was worth holding it all in my mind like I do? Is it worth reaching out without reciprocation? Somewhere deep within something demurs. So, I switch on the stove and try to go on ignoring the call of GMail. I try to remember to forget.


  1. That’s a gift, a precious gift, in the age of FB and Twitter! So nurture it. For those who do not reciprocate, just remind yourself why you are wishing them – only because you like celebrating people.

    • Maha, That was the reason I did it for 10 yrs now. Somehow, I feel like I have reached the end of my rope with some relationships. In theory though I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  2. mark 26th jan in your memory and wish my daughter enKay:).

    I like that what you and maha said- you are celebrating the people, though the reciprocation makes it sweeter and richer, celebration is a clebration. continue it..

    • Shy, I already did that. I told myself I would replace the anniversaries I carried in my mind with your daughters birthday. 🙂

  3. I second Maha. Our action should not be a reflection/reaction of others but what we want to be. How (and if) they reciprocate or respond is not your concern and should not be too…

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