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All My Life In One Walk

I start off slow, picking up speed as I scale the gentle slopes leading away from home. The music is gentle starting with Ed Sheeran’s Perfect. I imagine the sawdust on my bare feet, leaning into broad shoulders and slow dancing. Things that would never happen in real life. I turn the bend and my […]

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The Soundtrack To My Life

I sway uninhibited to Ed Sheeran’s Shape of you as the twins wave bye and leave the house, their linked hands and matching pink boots making me emotional. Laddu is on the high chair drinking milk out of a straw grooving to the song herself. The rest of the morning is a blur as the […]

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The unimagined future

I swing with Laddu on my hip swaying to the upbeat tempo of Mental Manadhil. She shrieks with laughter as I do. We circle in the tiny space between the stove and the kitchen island. As I turn, I notice the okra smoking on the stove. I rush to turn the heat down and salvage […]

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Meaningful Melodies

Today’s prompt over at Writing 101 takes me back a good decade or more. To a time when I had just discovered music beyond what I saw on television or heard on the radio. It brings back memories of rainy evenings spent browsing the music section of a store I frequented then. Of being lost […]

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English Vinglish Happy Vappy

So we head out, my sis in law and a couple of friends late last night to catch Engli-Vingli as Pattani insisted on calling it. We reached the theater, settled in and waited for the promos to finish and the movie to start. Start it did to the hustle and bustle of everyday life in […]

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Music, Muses

With the weather cooling and winter coming at us faster than I like, I realize it will soon be a year since I started my current job. One that I like and enjoy with the sole exception of the long commute it entails. Over the past year, NPR and WHYY has kept me company morning […]

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Comfort in anonymity

Saturday evening saw K and I at our local temple. Having reached earlier than my bro and family, we took our time admiring the different idols there and took in the ambience. Looking over casually at the new hall that was built as part of the temple we realized there was a free bhajan/devotional music […]

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On my mind this morning

Late yesterday I was trying to put my thoughts together on the topic of abuse within normal homes for Sa and kept meandering. There is so much I want to say but words just don’t fall together like they aught to. Struggling for a while I gave up and switched on the TV to this. […]

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Music that touches the heart

Leaving home around 6:15 for a 8:00 PM concert in Delaware, K and I enjoyed the greenery en-route. The sun was out, temperatures mild and everything was touched by joy. At least in my mind. Navigating the narrow one ways that was downtown Wilmington, it was easy to see parking was going to be an […]

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Leaping out of my frame

Unlike many other days in my recent past, I was up super early and fiddling around with my Windows Media Player. As evidence of the fact that I had not been near my desktop since the new laptop made an appearance in our home, the version was outdated and in the midst of tying up […]

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On my mind

I woke up this morning with this song playing in my mind. Between the time I woke and headed to work, I listened to it on loop. All day, the words jump out every once in a while. It’s stuck in my head and I can’t seem to let go. So, here is an attempt […]

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Why Ten? Cos Apar says so!

Apar tagged me a couple of weeks back asking me to link up ten of my favorite songs in my native tongue, Hindi and English. At least that is how I understood it. I am most definitely not going to list 30 here but thought I will take this up so I can look back […]

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It is written. No?

Following Manchus comment here, I couldn’t help but pen down my thoughts on the ceremony yesterday. It was probably the first time I have paid the Academy Awards this much attention. There are snatches from previous ceremonies like when Halle Berry won that are etched in my mind. For some strange reason I even remember […]

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It’s a love story and it refuses to let go

There are some songs that get stuck in your head and go on an endless loop. Some are silly, some mushy and some meaningless. Something about the music haunts you inside. The harder you try to ‘not’ hum inside, the worse it gets. In that category is this song below. It refuses to get out […]

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No expectation. No disappointment.

Sitting in the backseat of a sedan crammed with two kids and two of my girlfriends, I had no expectation from the movie we were rushing to watch. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. One of those cloyingly sweet Yash Chopra movies. I used to like Shahrukh Khan before his lip quivering, hyper acting roles. I […]

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Changing Seasons, Changing Tastes

Groping in the dark for the light switch as the alarm went off, I squinted to see bright red letters staring back at me from the clock that said 6:00. Not quite believing it was already morning, I looked outside for reassurance. It was pitch dark. Realizing it is fall and I had no hope […]

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Life is a song.

Bavani of A journey of life… tagged me. I know. I know. Most of you are weary of tags. I am too. This one however, caught my fancy because it made me think. The tag is about sharing a song that I think describes me. Before I read the tag correctly, a dozen songs flashed […]

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