Our Daughters Update: CAAM Media Fund Awardee

Our Daughters, the documentary that has been almost two years in the making now is a recipient of the CAAM Media Fund. In their words. CAAM is supporting six new documentaries through our Media Fund department. CAAM funds documentaries and projects made by or about Asian Americans that are intended for public media. This includes … Continue reading Our Daughters Update: CAAM Media Fund Awardee

Protagonists In Our Story

I chew thoughtfully, very aware of the camera‚Äôs gaze on me. I try and ignore its presence. Sometimes I am successful. I go about my day aware of a third unseeing eye in the house. My children color on pages, the camera a benign presence. They chat about inane things. Sometimes, they say something profound. … Continue reading Protagonists In Our Story

Documentary Update

A while ago I wrote about Chithra the filmmaker who was interested in making a documentary on open adoption featuring our family. I haven't shared much before this because there was nothing much to say. At this point, the working title of the film is Our Daughters which seems very fitting to our situation. If … Continue reading Documentary Update