Music, Muses

With the weather cooling and winter coming at us faster than I like, I realize it will soon be a year since I started my current job. One that I like and enjoy with the sole exception of the long commute it entails.

Over the past year, NPR and WHYY has kept me company morning and evening. If I am not on the phone catching up with a friend, I usually am nodding my head as Chris Satullo makes his commentary or smiling as I hear Neda Ulaby speak. This week with their membership campaign going on and my usual list of people who I call not available, I scanned the radio channels out of desperation for something that would interest me.

After a couple of attempts I settled on a local FM channel WSTW that played a mix of songs that appealed to me. So, by end of day two am already hooked! Some of the songs I heard are still playing in my head. I realized what it was that I was missing all these years. The music. A decade has gone since I bought my last cd. I don’t even recall when was the last time I sat immersed in music of any kind. So, in addition to discovering some nice songs, I made a nice trip down nostalgia lane remembering songs and the people who I associated them with. A particular image of me with my headphones on listening to Careless Whispers is stuck in my head now and the heady times that it represents in my life.

By the time I was home, a smile was playing on my lips and I was humming Someone Like You by Adele.


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