Limping, Walking, Winding down

Thursday morning started with the strange sight of Cee limping as she walked. I first thought she had something stuck to her foot. Gently pushing her to walk properly, I inspected her foot. Nothing. I then thought may be she was outgrowing her footed PJs and made a mental note to get new ones. The morning wore on and her limping got no better. I changed her clothes, inspected her foot, wiggled it up and down. Nothing. No bruises. No swelling or redness. No bite marks. She did not seem to be in pain so I figured it was a sprain and decided to send her to school with a note asking the teacher to keep an eye.

I logged in to work. The grinder hummed in the background making batter for our much-anticipated day trip to go leaf peeping with Akay and family the next day. Lunch came and went, I got ready for the next call when the home phone rang. Seeing K’s number flash I smiled as I picked the phone. The voice on the other side seemed a little tight. Turned out Cee was in pain and the daycare said she was not able to walk. K was to pick her up while I got hold of a doctor on the phone.

The next few hours were panic filled and worrisome. Walking out of the doctor’s office, we were visibly relaxed. Turns out Cee had a viral inflammation of her joints called toxic synovitis. Apparently it is common in children following a cold or any upper respiratory infection. Only I had never heard of it!

I cancelled our leaf peeping plans and let Akay know. The evening passed by in a hurry. I was tired and went to bed thinking it was strange that K was so enthusiastic about cleaning the kitchen. Somewhere around midnight, the phone rang. Not quite sure what the time was, I picked the phone groggily and realized it was Akay. “Do you realize what time it is?” I asked upset at being woken up. Look out your door she said.

Look out I did and was very surprised. She was at my doorstep with hubby in tow. The next 36 odd hours were filled with cooking and eating, lounging on the couch, heading out to a park nearby, discovering a trail that was nice and quiet, eating ice creams in the chill fall weather when UL and family decided to join us as well. We stayed up long hours and made the most of the time we had available. As they drove away mid morning on Saturday, I felt the way I do when family leaves. Sated and happy.

Sunday I shopped, uncluttered and bagged mountains of clothes to be recycled and slowed down in anticipation of a busier week ahead. Then on an impulse decided to declutter my virtual life too. So first on my delete list was FB. Adios FB! Next up was the Google Plus App. The clock inched towards midnight again and I stopped knowing this would be a work in progress. Am not sure what is next but I know am ready to wind down and fill the next few years looking inward.

So, how about you? How was your weekend?


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5 thoughts on “Limping, Walking, Winding down

      1. So what I feared came true. For some reason I believe this time you are not going to be back. I wish and hope you continue to blog because you are very good at it. Perhaps you can turn it into a worthy cause. Think about it. If not all the best in your life.

  1. How come you never mentioned any of it when we met for the Diwali fireworks? Hope she is feeling better! How is her leg now?
    And I missed a chance of meeting Akay…:-( and make the Aviyal blogger jealous!

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