Moments that pass you by

It is true ain’t it? Sometimes the moment passes you by and your outlook changes. Completely. This weekend I indulged and watched two movies I had long wanted to catch despite conflicting reviews I had read. Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya and Wake Up Sid. While VTV had its flaws there were some stand out scenes for me. One line from the movie was etched in mind. Like Trisha says, the moment has passed. I could relate so much to it. Maybe it had something to do with being a woman. Being complex. Having shades of grey.

Some dreams and relationships are like that, caressing the border between must have and can’t care anymore. There are moments that represent the fork in the road and the movie reminded me of many such moments. Isn’t that what good movies do? Makes you relate it back to you and your life?

Wake up Sid on the other hand was like a breath of fresh air. I totally enjoyed the movie simply because I could relax and just enjoy the story. No reading in between lines. No trying to figure out the story behind the story. An urban love story touchingly told.

7 thoughts on “Moments that pass you by

  1. Laksh, have not watched VTV..but loved Wake Up Sid. Saw it twice and the CD plays in my car day and night..Love Konkona Sen!A very ncie movie..refreshing really!

    1. anamika, actually I hearted Ranbir in this movie over Konkana. He is really fresh and can actually act. 🙂

  2. Au contraire, that was one thing that I could not relate to in VTV – if you loved someone so much that you were ready to leave your past behind completely for this person, how in a couple of days, you can change so much to not care about this person. Fickle, don’t you think?

    1. I guess this marks the end to my hiatus from replying to comments. Well! this one begged me to. 🙂

      I guess that is where the shades of gray come in. The way I saw it, it might not be that she does not care about him, it is just that it is emotionally wearying to place the burden of your happiness on another person.

      I could totally relate to the anxiety, the need to reach him and then in one moment the whole weight of her emotions giving way to practicality.

  3. I second Akay. Jessie’s indecisiveness annoyed me and I found her love lacking in convictions. I mean either way is fine – being practical and bowing to her parent’s pressure or standing up for her love. Somehow being on the fence, made me feel like she was being very selfish about the whole situation. It’s just not about her, it’s about him and her.

    1. But Suman, the movie is shot entirely through the eyes of Karthik. Jessie was not the one pursuing him despite her feelings for him. In my view, this is how most people are. The ones that stand up to pressure or the ones who really can be coldly logical are few and far in between. The truth is that most of us are somewhere on that line wavering between following our heart and toeing the line. I mean that not just in love. In following dreams that are different from the rest of the crowd.

      I think the movie was about the complexities in Jessie’s character. Beyond the point where she moves on, the focus is not on whether she regrets her decision it is about wanting to be with someone badly and knowing the decision would cause her grief and reconciling those differences.

      Perhaps I liked the movie because it portrays the good, bad and the ugly in us?

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