Spring purge?

Late last evening I was filled with an incredible urge to clean my virtual presence. The question begged “Where do I start?” To take a step back over the past few weeks I have been filled with a sense of disquiet. I feel the need to write to people. Honest to goodness letters and emails. Each time I would start a draft and delete it. What was there to say in this age of instant communication and facebooking?

If I had a cold, my network of 194 friends knew. If I so much as had a bad hour, it was public. Taking a step back from the constant updating and *sharing* of my life I realized how this whole social networking had robbed me of being able to actually talk to people. It ate up whatever little time I had after work, kids and chores at home. I felt pressured to update my status, upload cutesy pics of my kids and the like.

In a rare moment of lucidity, I wiped out my FB account as a start of my purge. Strange thing is I feel no regret. No overpowering urge to undo my action. Next on my list are a bunch of email accounts. The blogs I maintain will be the last. Hopefully I am on my track to de-clutter not just my virtual persona.

4 thoughts on “Spring purge?

  1. Aha! that explains it. I wanted to respond to your comment to my profile picture on FB, and all of a sudden it disappeared. Not an active user of these sites, so no comments.

  2. I have never been active on these sites other than replying to any comments or accepting friend requests. The initial rush of finding old friends and writing to them dies in a couple of weeks. At least in my case.

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