Insta Live, Facebook Live

Over the next few days, I will be online with different people at different times. Join in, ask me questions and learn about the book, the writing process or just say Hello! Instagram Live with Shweta Ganesh Kumar of Times of Amma on Saturday July 18th at 9:30 am EST (US) and 7:00 pm IST … Continue reading Insta Live, Facebook Live

Dreams: The Long Story

Photo by Antonio Quagliata on In a few days, “Why is my Hair Curly?” will officially be out in the world in paperback. In itself, this day will be no different from the day the Kindle or Audible versions were released. In the words of a wise friend, “the story is no longer yours, … Continue reading Dreams: The Long Story

The Writing Journey

The messages from my publisher usually are short and to the point. My heart skips a beat each time I see her name pop up on my messages. In February of this year, I had plans. I renewed my passport. I was to apply for a visa. I had a mental map of the places … Continue reading The Writing Journey

On Writing: Giving In To Impulse

All it took was a message from a writer friend to get me started on an essay. I started with a blank page. I had a vague idea about what I wanted to write. I did what I normally do, pick some random starting point and start my narrative there. The words flew, they jumped … Continue reading On Writing: Giving In To Impulse

Writing And The Imposter Syndrome

I love the sound of keys clacking on the keyboard, the external kind that yields a touch of resistance each time I press on the button. I look at the words form on the screen, words after words forming sentences, paragraphs, and stories. Sometimes, I am stuck. I type, backspace, type again, stall and eventually … Continue reading Writing And The Imposter Syndrome

Multiple Me(s)

I walk around the basement, its luxury vinyl tiles looking like grey slate, it feels smooth to my slippered feet. I walk until it becomes like breathing, natural and the state of being. A phone is glued to my ear. A new friend talks about embarking on her journey as a writer. I feel envious … Continue reading Multiple Me(s)

Yale Writer’s Workshop

Early this year, I applied to the Yale Summer Session for Writers called the Yale Writer's Workshop on a whim. I figured I'd decide how to manage to go there *if* I got in. Late March, I received word that I was accepted. I agonized over it for a week before caving and registering for … Continue reading Yale Writer’s Workshop

The Birth Of A Baby: the Parent Voice,

  Today, our labor of love the Parent Voice, is born. It has taken hours stolen from chores, children and the husband to bring this to fruition. It has taken the effort of many of us to create content, lay it out, tinker with it and spend anxious hours fussing about it. We have counted … Continue reading The Birth Of A Baby: the Parent Voice,

Finding Passion

  “I have to work,” I say unselfconsciously and shut the study door behind me. For weeks now, I have been logging in, answering emails, pursuing writers, cold calling people who are inspirational to come write for us. The actual work of writing emails, talking on the phone, fiddling around with the site layout, editing … Continue reading Finding Passion

Taking Pause

Close on the heels of my last post, I decided to spend the next couple of days training a microscope on our daily lives and how it is impacted by me staying home. If I dismissed what I did earlier as routine, I now accounted for each moment since I woke. In between the waking, … Continue reading Taking Pause

Stirrings of doubt

It arrives impersonally, in the mail. “Not a fit for us," “Not suitable for our current publication schedule," “Too heavy for us”. Some trickle in couched in comforting words “You are good but this is not you," “Go back to the drawing board”. “Start over”. I sit and stare at the words on the screen, … Continue reading Stirrings of doubt

Plenty to be thankful for

Messages of thanks abound in the world that I inhabit. My facebook feed is filled with them. My children bring home art work featuring turkeys and adorable “I am thankful for …” messages. It is no surprise then that I am reflecting on the things that I am thankful for. Like most others, I am … Continue reading Plenty to be thankful for

On Writing

Most nights these past few weeks, I have put the kids to bed, done my chores in the kitchen and walked with purpose to my study. Armed with a water bottle, a warm fleece throw and my phone on vibrate, I have cocooned myself. Each day I have opened a blank document, turned the editor … Continue reading On Writing

Of stories. Untold. Unborn.

It happens sometimes that a germ of an idea takes hold. It sits and germinates, couching itself in beautiful words. It is layered with vivid imagery, interesting hooks and just the right amount of angst to keep it bound. It sits, germinating. It takes shape in words strung together, pieced while at the stove, in … Continue reading Of stories. Untold. Unborn.