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Re-ordering priorities

Standing by my bed under yellow light bulbs, my feet were killing me. It was a long day. Folding a million tiny pieces, I longed to wave a magic wand so everything would be done and I could rest my weary feet. Except I couldn’t find my magic wand or conjure up my pixie. Sighing, […]

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Planet Earth. Invaded by plastic.

I received this as a forward from a friend this morning. Flipping through I was about to delete it when I realized even if it makes one person think about adding to the plastic burden on earth, it would have been worth it. So, here it is. I cannot vouch for the authenticity of the […]

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Writing prompts

Each day as I sip Kaapi, shower or drive to work, my mind is looking for bloggable topics. Incidents that embed themselves into my brain. Some days I get lucky like Tuesday when I got stuck in the snow. Some other days, there is nothing eventful happening. Then one day I get lucky. Browsing randomly […]

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Being Brown. Being Connected.

Madhuram and Shy both had linked back to the murder-suicide in LA by an Indian American man. I resisted writing about it because I was still processing it in my mind. On the afternoon of Oct 6th, Sepia Mutiny wrote about this tragedy. For someone who reads most of the posts on there, I skipped […]

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May they rot in hell!!!

I logged in to chat with my mom early this morning like I sometimes do and she said “Bangalore rocked by bomb blasts.” My first reaction was to blank out. The IISc blasts are still fresh in memory considering K is an IISc alumnus and it affected him deeply. Channeling my energies into finding out […]

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Bear hug and friendship for me!

Madhuram of Eggless Cooking has passed me hugs and a promise of friendship. I was thrilled of course!! I had to flaunt it. So here it is 🙂 Thank you Madhuram!! It sure has made my day!!! I would like to pass it in turn to all my friends here in the blogosphere and commenters […]

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You speak Tamil too?

I reached home yesterday to hear my answering machine beeping. It is rare these days to have voice messages waiting when I get home. The only ones I do usually get are appointment reminders and such. Refreshed and phone in hand I listened. It was from some one I have not met but was told […]

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