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Just write

It is late in the evening. My almost 2 month old is sleeping in her bassinet. My ears are tuned for sounds of her stirring. Twenty minutes. That is all I have wanted for myself today. Yet, those precious few minutes eluded me all day. Posts kept writing and rewriting themselves all day. You see, […]

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Reflections on Mother’s Day

“Describe Amma” I coax Pattu in an effort to catch her off guard. “Amma loves me” she answers even as she furrows her brow working on her mother’s day card. “What do you like best about Amma?” I persist She thinks for a moment before answering and without lifting her head says “Hula-hooping” I smile and […]

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I stand by the patio door, baby in my arms watching you flit from tree to tree in pursuit of a white-winged butterfly. You look care free and unfettered following the dictates of your heart. In your white and blue PJs you look much like a butterfly yourself. You watch it light on the fence […]

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It is 10:00 AM. Tonight is when I get admitted at the hospital. I sit in front of my laptop with a cup of warm barley water by my side. The to-do lists are scrolling through my head but all I feel is malaise. It is chilly inside the house. I pull my sweater closer. […]

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