The Moon Is A Taco And Other Things

I am clearing up the crumbs from breakfast when Pattu’s clear voice calls out to me from beyond the patio door. I take my time, finishing up what I am doing before I walk. She holds up her boogie board, a line drawing that looks suspiciously like an advertisement for a fast food chain. “That’s … Continue reading The Moon Is A Taco And Other Things

Coming Home

“Alexa, play songs by Justin Bieber,” commands Pattu. Alexa obliges. The twins dance, arms outstretched, head thrown back, smiles lighting up their faces. They are the picture of abandon. I am struck by the difference. I stand in the kitchen watching them for a while. Ammu notices me and runs up. Her arms are around … Continue reading Coming Home

You Are Not Alone

“What is on your mind?” exhorts Facebook when I turn to my phone in a moment of despair “Craptastic (pun intended)” I type and then backspace, watching each letter and my life disappear into an unseen void. My fingers are smudged with dosa batter drying into a white powder that flakes off as my hands … Continue reading You Are Not Alone

On Politics, Liberalism And Being A Snowflake

The year was 2000. I filed my first tax return. I think I was owed money from the government. I am not sure but I did not follow-up or deem it worth my time to find out. I was young, unencumbered and singularly apolitical. In the few years I had been eligible to vote, I … Continue reading On Politics, Liberalism And Being A Snowflake

Paying Tributes Over Time and Space

I eye the phone longingly. My fingers itch to dial Amma’s cell phone number but I desist. I can picture my family this morning. All of my dad’s siblings and their spouses gathered to observe the yearly anniversary of my Thatha’s passing. I imagine the kitchen busy, bustling. I can almost see my aunts and … Continue reading Paying Tributes Over Time and Space

Embracing The Otherness

I sit on a chair Ammu on my lap, her cheek pressed to mine, nuzzling as if in want of reassurance. I squirm and hug her tight before trying to dislodge her from me. We are in front of the twins’ class. Over twenty children and two teachers are looking at me expectantly. I clear … Continue reading Embracing The Otherness

Coffee And Conversations

She walks down rapidly, a speed that belies what time it is. Her face is scrubbed, a hint of damp from washing her face and drying it. Her fingers are cold as they reach for my arm. Her lips are deliciously chill as they land on my cheek. “Good Morning Amma!” Pattu exclaims as she … Continue reading Coffee And Conversations

A Good Parent

The timer on the microwave went off signaling it was time for me to leave. I turned the stove off shouting a thousand instructions at the kids, the spouse and my mom as I left. I opted to take the longer, winding back roads to the kid's school. The radio was on and the ethics … Continue reading A Good Parent

Reflections on being a stay at home mom (SAHM)

Hold that thought right there. No, this is not another post debating the relative merits of working or not working. Or being a mom or not. 🙂 I set the pan with water to boil for my afternoon coffee. Laddu is straining to be taken off the high chair where I have her squirming and … Continue reading Reflections on being a stay at home mom (SAHM)

Talking about adoption

I tend to not talk much about adoption on here. There are many reasons, chief among them being the fear that it will take over the blog. So, when Rads of Tunneling Thru pinged me this weekend asking if I minded sharing my thoughts, it seemed like a nice opportunity to talk about the many … Continue reading Talking about adoption

Gifts of time and cognizance

Tis that time of the year again when air waves abound with talk of gratitude. Of thankfulness. Every year as we count down to the new year, I reflect on the months past. On the peaks and valleys in my life. I review and relive the good and the bad. Well! the good mostly. This … Continue reading Gifts of time and cognizance

Right here. Right now.

The baby swing in the back yard sways in the breeze. I notice Ammu and Pattu in my peripheral vision trying to dislodge a 'popsicle' from the faucet on the outside of the house. It is bitterly cold. My nose burns. I feel alive. I glance absently at the stretch of road visible from my … Continue reading Right here. Right now.

Sleeping child

I hold her close to my bosom, her even breathing feeling warm and precious as we stay cocooned in the rocking chair as the fan whirrs overhead. The room is dark, the blinds filtering the sunless daylight from behind the clouds. I run my fingers through her curly hair untangling and separating the strands. I … Continue reading Sleeping child

Warning: Hurt feelings ahead

"If you hurt my feelings one more time..." Pattu looks at Ammu with threatening eyes. Ammu replies hardly looking up from her coloring book "I hurt your feelings already. I hurt you first!" Saathi and I grin across the dining table and file these conversations to retold and enjoyed years later. My mind however is … Continue reading Warning: Hurt feelings ahead

Change of guard

I stand by the foot board of the bed, a pile of much used, well-loved clothes on the rocker before me. The sounds of raucous laughter echo off the bathroom walls where the kids are in the shower. I fold each piece slowly, lovingly. Each PJ, tee, pant and dress tells a story. Of many … Continue reading Change of guard

The Things We Treasure

Few things are in my possession that I treasure. Over the years, it has been books, mementoes from childhood. With every move a few have been lost, misplaced or given away. Some things, however, come into our lives and transform it. The year was 2005. It was mid October. The season when leaves fall, trees … Continue reading The Things We Treasure

Unexpected discoveries: Finding myself

I cut the conversation short. I feel relief as I continue loading the dishes. The disenchantment I feel is typed away in 140 characters or less but I refrain from hitting post. The picture of all three of my daughters in one frame begs me to upload to Facebook, but I demur. I look at … Continue reading Unexpected discoveries: Finding myself


Dusty. The tar roads felt soft to my flip-flops as I walked to the house for the first time. The summer heat scorched the city when we moved from cooler, less humid climes there. It was a modest house. I remember lying awake at night as the rain pelted the windows and listening to frogs … Continue reading Nostalgia

Pebbles in the sands of time

I stand by the bathtub watching you massage our baby with oil. The sun streams in from the half-open blinds from the picture window over the tub. The greys in your hair glint as they catch the sun. Your brows are furrowed in concentration as you turn her over and rub gentle circles. A smile … Continue reading Pebbles in the sands of time

Leaving a trail of sentiments

She flitted into my life, like a butterfly one day in the past year - bright, cheerful and full of energy. Her expressive eyes filled her face imbuing it with a spark that rarely left a person untouched. Her hands told a story of their own as her voice modulated up and down animating the … Continue reading Leaving a trail of sentiments

Losses: People on pedestals

Sometimes in life, a realization so startling occurs when you least expect it. Like when you are in the shower or when you are mid sentence talking about inane things. Sometimes it is triggered by memories. Today's Writing 101 prompt at Daily post is about a three-part series. It asks you to talk about losses. … Continue reading Losses: People on pedestals