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A Good Parent

The timer on the microwave went off signaling it was time for me to leave. I turned the stove off shouting a thousand instructions at the kids, the spouse and my mom as I left. I opted to take the longer, winding back roads to the kid’s school. The radio was on and the ethics […]

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Talking about adoption

I tend to not talk much about adoption on here. There are many reasons, chief among them being the fear that it will take over the blog. So, when Rads of Tunneling Thru pinged me this weekend asking if I minded sharing my thoughts, it seemed like a nice opportunity to talk about the many […]

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Gifts of time and cognizance

Tis that time of the year again when air waves abound with talk of gratitude. Of thankfulness. Every year as we count down to the new year, I reflect on the months past. On the peaks and valleys in my life. I review and relive the good and the bad. Well! the good mostly. This […]

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Sleeping child

I hold her close to my bosom, her even breathing feeling warm and precious as we stay cocooned in the rocking chair as the fan whirrs overhead. The room is dark, the blinds filtering the sunless daylight from behind the clouds. I run my fingers through her curly hair untangling and separating the strands. I […]

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Warning: Hurt feelings ahead

“If you hurt my feelings one more time…” Pattu looks at Ammu with threatening eyes. Ammu replies hardly looking up from her coloring book “I hurt your feelings already. I hurt you first!” Saathi and I grin across the dining table and file these conversations to retold and enjoyed years later. My mind however is […]

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