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Falling for Fall

Pulling into my driveway this evening, I was still on the phone with my cousin. I reluctantly put my phone away when I realized she had to run. I went about my chores with a mechanical precision till I heard the crunching of gravel under the toy SUV that my neighbor’s child was driving. I […]

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Lurker love

Today it is all about you. YOU, you and yes you the silent reader from Marvell Semiconductors. 🙂 On an average day about 100 people visit the blog reading on average about two pages, staying on the blog for about 3.27 minutes. Yet, I see only a fraction of the visitors stop by to say […]

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Mobile Me?

Having downloaded the WordPress app for the iPhone, i had to test it out of course. 🙂 So, if this works I could be blogging on the move.

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Slowing down

I know I have been lax with posting on here. It shows in the dwindling stats on my site stats and the fewer posts each month on my sitemap. More importantly I hear no end of it from Amma. I guess it is one of those phases in life when other things take priority. While […]

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Little Miss Sunshine

OK. Not little but still sunshiny. I did wake up in good spirits this morning. Did my bit to infect my co-workers and now at my job with energy. What a difference attitude makes! Perhaps its the fact I will be seeing my sister this evening? Perhaps its that the weekend is around the corner. […]

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Do it now!

If you have been missing coming over here to find something new to read or shake your head at how boring I can be, I hear ya! Over the past few weeks, I have felt a fog descend on me suppressing all creative urges. There are so many things I want to write about but can’t […]

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Cold rain, perky greens

Friday evening we left work in the kind of rain I hate. Incessant, dripping, cold, slow drizzle. Shivering in my short sleeved cotton shirt and the hem of my blue jean caked with mud I traipsed behind K on our weekly visit to Maisie’s Farm. A local community supported agriculture effort. We signed up just […]

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On my mind this morning

Late yesterday I was trying to put my thoughts together on the topic of abuse within normal homes for Sa and kept meandering. There is so much I want to say but words just don’t fall together like they aught to. Struggling for a while I gave up and switched on the TV to this. […]

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Life is one big wait

Picture courtesy: Google Image Search. Picture links back to source. I have been expecting two emails since morning and I am amazed by how impatient I am. It seems like forever but less than a minute has gone by before the last time I checked. The emails themselves are nothing important or time sensitive yet […]

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Caption this

Immersed in work all of today, I took a break to play with this new tool I found while browsing that lets you transfer photos from your Flickr account to Picasa. I had been looking for something like this ever since Yahoo photos moved my pictures to Flickr. As I moved album after album, I […]

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Of traffic lights and peak hour rush

Strolling out of my marathon hour and half meeting early in the morning, I absently picked my water bottle from my cube and headed out to the kitchen for water. Filling it like I always do I smelled freshly brewing coffee. A friendly co-worker was standing by the coffee pot. Normally I would have picked […]

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Into uncharted waters

It’s close to a year since I moved to my own domain. Encouraged with a week of no classes and rather free evenings, I decided to go ahead and attempt upgrade my wordpress installation from 2.5 to 2.7.1. While I have no clue what the upgrade will offer me in terms of features, the thrill […]

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On my mind

I woke up this morning with this song playing in my mind. Between the time I woke and headed to work, I listened to it on loop. All day, the words jump out every once in a while. It’s stuck in my head and I can’t seem to let go. So, here is an attempt […]

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