Anniversary: Twenty Years

Nostalgia is part of who I am. I meticulously track birthdays, death days, wedding days, and anniversaries of all kinds. I used to be able to remember dates. I used to call, email, text until my forties hit me with a vengeance. At my last annual physical, I had trouble recalling words in order. I … Continue reading Anniversary: Twenty Years

Building A Sonata

Earlier this week, a friend shared this letter (excerpt 3). Words that have stuck with me for over two decades now when I first discovered Bach and the Bridge Across Forever. There was even a time when I thought I could not get married to someone who cannot discuss stuff like this with me. Eighteen years … Continue reading Building A Sonata

A Good Man

I am sending some emails when a new one downloads. Saathi the name reads and my face breaks into a smile. Reflexive, something I cannot control. The subject says, “Your PECO bill” and I almost laugh. In the ten days I have been away from home, I haven’t caught myself thinking about him or the … Continue reading A Good Man

Tripping On Memories

  I love looking back. I collect memories. I relive the years gone past. I look into old photographs and see past the people in the pictures. I am transported back to slivers of time preserved in my head. These memories, they swirl in my head like in a pensieve, dragging me along into corridors … Continue reading Tripping On Memories

Seven long years. Yes! it’s been that long.

With every passing year, the memories seem to acquire a sepia toned feel to it. Early on in my marriage I used to relish recounting how K came to "see" me. What we talked about, how we decided to go ahead to commit to waking up to each other for the rest of our lives. … Continue reading Seven long years. Yes! it’s been that long.