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I stand by the patio door, baby in my arms watching you flit from tree to tree in pursuit of a white-winged butterfly. You look care free and unfettered following the dictates of your heart. In your white and blue PJs you look much like a butterfly yourself. You watch it light on the fence […]

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I lean back on the recliner adjusting my frame for maximal comfort and rest my arms across my torso. My eyes fall on the silver bracelets that encircle my wrists. Burnished silver specked with brown beads. I finger them lazily and my thoughts go back to the weekend. A montage of memories slide past my […]

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Unexpected treasures

It was well past sunset as we set out in PJ’s and multiple layers of clothing. Our car trunk loaded with perishables from the fridge and the freezer. As we navigated slick turns on a deserted road, the headlights caught in the icicles dangling off tree branches and twinkled eerily. It felt like Narnia except […]

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