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Invisible bonds

See Amma! See!!! My niece dutifully pointed to the stack of cubes that her Chitappa built for her, her excitement and glee transforming her face into a radiant ball of delight. Even as the evening passed by wrapped in her antics, that particular moment remained etched in my mind. Her short chubby finger pointed to […]

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Through the eyes of a child

Letting the brightly colored top spin away on top of our rather battered coffee table, it was a treat to watch my young niece. She watched it with fascination from afar. Sensing the top move towards her she instinctively moved away clinging to her mom, eyes always on it. Doing it over and over again […]

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Adoption, Family, Feelings, Life, Musings, reflections

Changing directions

Every once in a while, I stop what am doing to ponder on that path I am on. To use a metaphor, growing up my family portrait looked like this. Two tall silhouettes and two tiny ones hands linked walking into the sunset. Of course, in my mind’s eye the tiny ones would have my […]

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Welcome to India!

Landing in the spanking new airport in Bengaluru, K and I hauled our mammoth suitcases to the welcoming arms of K’s bro. Chattering non stop all the way home, I watched the city I loved come to life in the one hour ride home. The two days have been fun. I haven’t stepped out of […]

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Family, Life, Musings, People, reflections

Musings on Muses

After a panic stricken Monday when I battled my managerial accounting assignment till the submission board closed at midnight, I was tempted to take yesterday easy. Reaching home, I opted to cook fresh and while the subzi sat simmering, I picked up my MIS text and read through. Enjoying the air of superiority as I […]

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Family, Happiness, Life, Musings

Weekend joys

Squinting my eyes, I peered at the alarm clock. It was only 6:30 AM on a Saturday morning. Unlike most other weekends, I threw back the covers and started the weekend early. Walking down, I saw Amma already had the laptop open and was catching up on election results on The Hindu. Brewing a fresh […]

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Responsible for life. Mothers.

Chatting late into the night, Amma, K, my cousin and I got caught up on bunch of stuff. As we traded news from our lives I was reminded of years in the past when cousins met up at weddings and family functions and traded news about their lives. The laughter would ring out loud, the […]

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A picture is worth a thousand memories

Rushing to get ready for my early morning meeting at work, I removed my glasses and left them by the portrait of K and I on my nightstand. I smiled involuntarily at the crooked tie K was wearing in that picture. Through my morning madness, random thoughts came filtering through. The image of the intricate […]

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Simple weekend joys

Most people I know had a four day weekend, but not K and I. What we did have however was a weekend full of food and friends like any Thanksgiving should be. I realized how much I love food and cooking when I was in front of the stove at 1:30 PM Thursday afternoon whipping […]

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Expressions of love

It’s class night tonight and I drove myself to work. K and I started around the same time and pulled into work one behind the other. As I picked up my handbag, my lunch bag and my school laptop in a bulky bag of its own, he stood by smiling. Every time he has offered […]

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