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Just being – LMT

I work, eyes narrowed with focus, brushing the silky locks to one side of her face. I make three parts and interleave each lock to make a braid. I tie it at the end with a band and look back to admire my handiwork. Pattu looks at me, innocence personified, as I hold her chin […]

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New beginnings

I woke to the shrill sound of the alarm going off at 5:00 AM. Saathi groaned and suggested snoozing another half hour. I figured it would not hurt and reset the alarm to 5:30 to catch a few more winks of sleep. The next time it beeped, I was up with razor-sharp focus. The next […]

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Unharried moments

In a couple of hours, we will wind down what has been an uneventful yet memorable two weeks of staycation. Each day started predictably with the twins snuggling in bed with us. What followed was largely dictated by the weather and where their rich imaginations led them. Some days they built towers with blocks mimicking […]

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Tooth fairy tales

I walk along the perimeter of my home, the bundle in my hand feeling heavier with each step. I pause as I hear the garage door roll. A smile involuntarily creeps up my face. I heave the baby to my shoulders and open the door. The sun rays slant, lighting up a part of the […]

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Change of guard

I stand by the foot board of the bed, a pile of much used, well-loved clothes on the rocker before me. The sounds of raucous laughter echo off the bathroom walls where the kids are in the shower. I fold each piece slowly, lovingly. Each PJ, tee, pant and dress tells a story. Of many […]

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Looking forward. Looking back.

I am by your side on the passenger seat. You are at the wheel, a picture of concentration. Your eyes scan the road, the rearview and the mirror that reflects our children. I notice a smile cross your face involuntarily as you watch Ammu fiddle with something on her side. That smile that is at […]

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