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On Saturday, I danced. I never do.

This election has had me on edge as nothing has before. In 2016, I was rooting for our first woman President. Trump was a figure in the periphery. Someone whom I did not like based on what I saw. A person who mocked disabled people, eyed women purely through the gaze of sex and someone who openly said things I could not imagine a Presidential candidate spewing. He was an aberration.

That aberration became a reality. I lived with it for four year. I hung on to hope mongers on Social Media who declared that the end is nigh. They said he would be gone, indicted, his wrong-doings too many to count. Yet, four years went past. Reports were produced, highly redacted. Tax related bombshells dropped. He was the teflon Don. He probably still is.

I realized one curious thing about people. One issue voters (abortion), taxes, keeping America white, his “refreshing” way of stating what he thought damn political correctness, his supposed “hard” stance on China. People around me who supported him came up with things that had me scratching my head. I am not someone who debates well. I have trouble spewing facts or being prepared for conversations beyond the fact that I see him and I do not like what I see.

Some people voted for change. They voted for someone not a seasoned politician. Some people voted because the temerity of a Black leader leading for two terms was too much to take. Mostly, people voted him into power in 2016 and voted in enough numbers in 2020 because it did not affect them personally. Even if it did, it was always some one else’s fault.

Today, I watch from the sidelines, my civic duty done for the moment. I want to trust the process. I trust my gut feeling instead. There is a voice in me that whispers that all will be well. It tells me that for every person condoning Trumpism, there are enough number of people repudiating him and his cult.

The next few weeks leading up to an official result on Dec 14th, 2020 will be excruciating as we follow along. News like this will get buried under noise generated by the serial tweeter.

Respite, if any, is likely to be short lived as we hold our duly elected officials accountable and demand more of them. This journey for formerly apolitical people like me that began with the emergence of Trumpism has just begun. We have a ways to go before truly comprehending everything worth fighting for and how to fight smart.

Hang tight fellow travelers, we will prevail.

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