Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com On Saturday, I danced. I never do. This election has had me on edge as nothing has before. In 2016, I was rooting for our first woman President. Trump was a figure in the periphery. Someone whom I did not like based on what I saw. A person who mocked … Continue reading Unsettled

Sitting With The Pain

Photo by Zeynep Sude EMEK on Pexels.com My eyes are glued to my phone, the screen that is being shared too tiny for me to follow. The voice in my ears is talking about some test strategy. I am there mentally but physically I am in the morning sun, walking home after waving bye to … Continue reading Sitting With The Pain

Election Day 2020

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com It hits me in waves through the day, this notion that we are living through History. This year, this election, this place that America has in the world, it all comes to what happens today and in the weeks following. Four years ago, I was buoyant. I was hopefully that … Continue reading Election Day 2020

Stay Angry. Stay Mad. VOTE

If like me, you watched horrified yesterday as a man nominated to the highest court in the country ranted and raved. If like me, you wondered why was his nomination was not delayed to give time to probe the accusations, this is what I want to say to you: Register to vote if you have … Continue reading Stay Angry. Stay Mad. VOTE

Echo Chambers

It’s been a week since the US Elections. I have run the gamut of emotions and settled on a combination of resigned and accepted. I still haunt the groups I was part of, I follow twitter handles that resonate with me politically. Most mornings I consume news that rises up from the swamp that is … Continue reading Echo Chambers


Pattu walked down, groggy with sleep, sleepiness a cloud around her face. I turned to hold her and then pushed her away to go brush. “Amma, did Clinton win?” I did not look at her choosing instead to saute cauliflower, the hot pan sizzling and steaming, obscuring not just my tears. “No Pattu, Trump won. … Continue reading Fear

Cultivating Joy

After four days at home, Laddu seemed ready for school this morning. The fever was gone but the sniffles and the broken voice told a different story. “Amma! Where’s my lunch bag?” sealed it for me. After Saathi and the twins left, I helped her with her jacket and she insisted on wearing her shoes … Continue reading Cultivating Joy

Got to start somewhere right?

Every time a group of friends get together topics eventually meander to the state of Indian politics and the insurmountable problems in our civic structure. Every time without fail, we discuss, we sigh collectively and forget about it. So, today when I saw this email from K's classmate, I clicked and was impressed by what … Continue reading Got to start somewhere right?

Yes! We Can!!

Watching the election results trickle in and like magic just past the 11:00 hour, the screen on my TV flash "Barack Obama elected the 44th President of the United States", I could feel goosebumps on my skin. Sure was a historic moment. Not so much for the race part. Yes it does matter but for … Continue reading Yes! We Can!!