Thank YOU

I woke up this morning feeling incredibly blessed.

Yesterday was a dream come true. It was my book birthday. I was live on FB, joined by a handful of family and friends. I answered questions. I cut a cake as they cheered on. My local friends joined for a bite of the cake. My brother and family came to have lunch with us. All of my kids and Saathi had handmade cards and trinkets for me to celebrate.

I was featured in The Hindu Metro Plus. Indian Express had an interview with me and Niloufer Wadia on their Express Parenting Video page.

All day long, I walked on a cloud insulated from everything around me. It truly was a dream.

Friends reached out to say they got the physical copy of the book. They sent me pictures of their children reading the book. I slept knowing at least one child said this was a book she would read over and over.

This dream though hinges on the work over the years. It hinges on the unconditional support I have had the honor of receiving from all of you who have reached out to tell me I write well. The many of you who pushed me to actually write a book. All of you who purchased the book on Kindle, Audible or as a paperback.

This success hinges on you my dear readers and I am indebted to you.

Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart.

9 thoughts on “Thank YOU

  1. Congratulations again Lakshmi! We have seen you grow as a writer, you deserve this and more!! No easy feat. God bless!

  2. Hi Lakshmi, I have been following your blog since long. Feels great to see you grow. An biological and adoptive parent myself, I am sure your story will resonate with me and my kids. Am going to order your book soon, wishing you more success today and always.

  3. Hi, this is Ranveer Diwan of Tagore International School. I am 12 years old and I really did like your audiobook. The book really did keep me occupied during the neverending lockdown, Avantika and her journeys were really interesting. The narrator of the book did a great job and listening to this audiobook was as good as reading the physical book. Looking forward to meeting you at the author’s meet on 7th August.

    1. Ranveer, thank you for taking the time to write to me. This is such a pleasant surprise! I am looking forward to the event on the 7th.

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