If you have a child in your life

Not long ago, a blogger in my adoption circle linked up to Katie of Mamapundit mentioning her son died. All of 18 years. I felt drawn to the picture she had posted and hopped on over to Katie’s. Its been months now, I have read her archives and lived the story of Henry many times over. Each time I hold back tears.

It is a story that needs to told. To be shared. With anyone who is raising a child. A heartbreaking story of a child lost to drug addiction.

WBIR is airing Henry’s story. Katie’s story. The story of a family just like any of us. Except this one ended so sadly. Urge your teenaged kids to read or listen. As a lesson on how experimenting with drugs can cost more than your life.

Hop on over. It could be any of us in her shoes.

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