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My watch shows 3:57:03. I should be in the study anxiously poring over my presentation one last time. Instead, butterflies in my stomach I watch through the window as the school bus rolls past our home. Just as I am to turn and walk away, I notice my Amma looking diminutive from the other side […]

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Laddu Goes to School

“Amma vandhachu! Amma vandhachu!!” Her voice echoes in the otherwise silent room. I enter quickly and scoop her up from the ground and shower her with kisses. She clings to me as we pick up her lunch box and search for her water bottle. Her new caregiver gives me a quick overview of the day. […]

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That’s why I stand outside the door

Wiping Cee’s snotty nose, I glanced at the clock. 8:42 AM. Wanting to be out and on my way and torn with guilt at watching my poor mom bend painfully to feed the kutties, I gave up. Dropping my bag, I took the bottle of baby food and shoved huge spoonfuls into two unwilling mouths. Dropping […]

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