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A year in review

Sometime this week a year ago, I traded in my full-time job for something more flexible. A stay at home, work at my pace kind of compromise. The past year has been rewarding and in some ways been reshaping my views on financial independence. The first few months were heady. I did not miss the […]

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The waiting is the hardest part

I sit at my desk my nerves on edge. Every footfall around me seems ominous. My neck is tight as are my shoulders. It could be now. It could be awhile. It could be today. Or a week from now. I gave notice at work yesterday and spent the day on tenterhooks waiting for a […]

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Stark reality

In the past few months, a new kind of fixation has taken hold of me. Articles on how women can have it all, cannot have it all, should have it all, should not have it all. All parts of the spectrum have been written, blogged, discussed ad nauseam. As I read each one, I nod […]

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Every once in a while I hear from someone who is passionate about what they do and seem so immersed in their work and life that it gives me pause. It makes me ache. Ache for that passion that seems missing in my life. What is my calling? I ache to know.  

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What’s in a title?

We stood in a circle like we always do. At the turn of the hour, the stand up meeting commenced. We each clearly stated what we had done, what we had left and impediments if any. As is the rule, when everyone who had a stake in that release had their say, the floor was […]

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Ode to kindness

I sit sniffling away to glory at my desk surreptitiously discarding soggy tissues in the trash can under my desk. I wipe my desk every once in a while feeling almost guilty for having come to work. Staring long and hard at an issue I should have fixed hours back, I realize I need a […]

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