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Eyes only for you

The bus leaves, wisps of steam in its wake. I stand by the curb, baby on my hip, one arm raised in a wave. I follow the bus as it completes a circle around the center grassy area before it passes me again on its way out. Your pony tails are silhouetted against the window. […]

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New beginnings

I woke to the shrill sound of the alarm going off at 5:00 AM. Saathi groaned and suggested snoozing another half hour. I figured it would not hurt and reset the alarm to 5:30 to catch a few more winks of sleep. The next time it beeped, I was up with razor-sharp focus. The next […]

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I wave bye to my identically dressed daughters staring at the road long past the time it took for the car to disappear from sight. I walk back reluctantly, slowly. Last days like first days are momentous. They bring back memories. They run like montages at the back of your mind intruding into your consciousness […]

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Sometime over the past few weeks I have started discovering the child in me. The one who laughs out loud. The one who is not embarrassed by juvenile jokes. The one who loved to be the first to arrive at school because she treasured the one on one conversations and fragile friendships that formed without […]

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Notes to myself

This is more of a diary like entry for me so Kay and Cee can someday read back and know how their first day at school/daycare was. The day leading to and day of joining was almost like Deepavali. I had their new clothes laid out and ready to wear the following day right down […]

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Back to school and loving it!

Yesterday evening saw me back in a familiar tiered classroom seated in the last but one row¬† wondering who would sit next to me. Reaching a good half hour early, I helped myself to Pizza and soda that is a staple for the first day of term. Hugging and catching up with my classmates, I […]

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