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Counting Down To School

“Two more days before school starts!” My youngest literally springs down the steps two at a time, her energy too bright for the morning. I am yet to have my coffee. I am grumpy. “One more day‚Ķ” I correct her. “We are already on Saturday. One more day and you start school the following day.”…

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Speaking Up

Over the past month, I have been participating in our local school board meetings. The experience has been anxiety-inducing and scary. The first time around my hands and legs were shaky, my voice tremulous. This time, I went with notes. I had trouble reading and facing the board. My hands still shook but it was…

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What Is Wrong?

A few times a week, I am on the verge of blowing up. The things the people in my family do want me to break things, raise my hand, yell or cry. Thankfully, most of the time wisdom prevails. I hold back, breathe hard and, walk away. The few times I do things I regret,…

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