Musings: Openness In Adoption

I walk around the house mid-morning, my eyes scanning for things to put away or trash. I am tired of the disorganized mess I live in. I am too tired to fix it. My eyes fall on a ring on the floor of Ammu’s room. I pick it up and tuck it into my pocket. … Continue reading Musings: Openness In Adoption

On Fears And Expanding Horizons

I park and zip my rather loose fleece jacket as I step out the driver’s seat. I open the passenger door and Ammu and Pattu clamber out. I remind Ammu she needs her light jacket. She pauses as if to challenge me and reaches for her old faded grey fleece. I remember to lock the … Continue reading On Fears And Expanding Horizons

Open Adoption – Reflections On The Journey

I sat at my desk browsing for gifts, ears keenly attuned to the sounds from the adjoining family room. I’d let my twins sit at their table, their art pads open and one single instruction. “Make a card and write a note in it for your mom’s birthday. All I ask is that you think … Continue reading Open Adoption – Reflections On The Journey

Nature, Nurture and Why Openness in Adoption Matters

It is late morning. Ammu and Pattu are out the door, on their way to the bus-stop. Saathi is getting ready for work. The first level of our home is quiet. Laddu and I are ambling along, bending down to pick up stray pieces from the floor. We stop at the patio screen looking up … Continue reading Nature, Nurture and Why Openness in Adoption Matters

Musings On Adoption

I am Indian and American, they say proudly when we talk about either country. I wonder if I should correct them and let it be. Often while checking boxes on race and ethnicity, I pause, not sure what they mean really. Read the rest of the post on The Huffington Post.