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Off to catch the rainbow

Rushing around to get the girls and us out the door before the early morning meeting I felt like I had mastered the art of multitasking and delegating. While K left with an arm load of lunch bags and school stuff, I scooped up one of the twins to change and brush her hair. The […]

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Bucket list of sorts

Shankari of Narad Tales had this tag on her blog and it made me wonder about what I would like to do when am a little more grown up. The idea is to list five things you want to learn/do in the near future. So, here goes! 1. Learn to dance. Not classical or any […]

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If I were…

I picked this tag from Preeti for two reasons. I am hard pressed for time today and the prompt at NaBloPoMo was not something I fancied. It is true I could have wracked my brain to come up with something original but am saving that for other days when I have to. 🙂 If I […]

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Stop and think! :)

UL had this nice post on her blog that made me stop and think. Of course, any time there are questions posed I have to answer them. Answer I did but I was not comfortable putting it out there. Being someone who believes in compromise, I figured I would post it but make it password protected […]

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Q & A – Just for you Shalu

A few days back Shalu who blogs at Das Leben left a note for me saying she tagged me. It’s been a while since I did one so wanted to take this one up. Now, before I actually do this one, I have to share this. She occupies a special place in my life. My […]

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Inspired posts

Every now and then, I read a post elsewhere and my mind goes on its own track. It could be a meme like the one Preeti has here or the rather serious one by Usha here. All day the idea wraps and unwraps itself in my head. A slow repetitive process. The thoughts crystallize and […]

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What About YOU?

Preeti had this post on her blog yesterday. I caught it on the reader and meant to go back and read it fully. Back from my marketing class waiting for my rather late dinner to be digested, I logged in and went blog hopping. Of course, knowing me this was one I couldn’t resist taking. […]

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