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O Kadhal Kanmani – Just about OK?

I watched my twitter feed go agog at the first trailer release of O Kadhal Kanmani. Reminiscent of Alaipayudhe was the verdict. I watched from the sidelines as the music release happened and then the movie. I jumped at the chance to watch the movie with family today and walked out of the theater wondering […]

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Bloggy speed dial

Each day, sometimes in the morning, sometimes at lunch, some other days as I retire for the night, I run through a list of blogs that are on my ‘speed dial’ of sorts in my head. I call it my daily fix. Much like coffee or email. I *need* to read these blogs. Some clue […]

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Lurker love

Today it is all about you. YOU, you and yes you the silent reader from Marvell Semiconductors. 🙂 On an average day about 100 people visit the blog reading on average about two pages, staying on the blog for about 3.27 minutes. Yet, I see only a fraction of the visitors stop by to say […]

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Too much information?

Lakshmi asked: How did you convince yourself to share so much of your private life with all, I mean EVERY ONE? Ever struggle with it at all? I admire you – its not easy to do it. I have to admit this question took me by surprise. Not so because it is so pointed but […]

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Almost there!

Three hours and rather tired eyes later, I have wordpress upgraded and the blog looking almost like before. I was ready to call it a day and go to bed when I decided to check the About Me page. I realized that my picture was not showing up. With a heavy heart I realized I […]

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Writing prompts

Each day as I sip Kaapi, shower or drive to work, my mind is looking for bloggable topics. Incidents that embed themselves into my brain. Some days I get lucky like Tuesday when I got stuck in the snow. Some other days, there is nothing eventful happening. Then one day I get lucky. Browsing randomly […]

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