Why Is My Hair Curly?


My debut children’s book “Why is my hair curly?” is now available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle and Audible formats. Click on the link to get your copy: getbook.at/WhyIsMyHairCurly

The paperback version is now available.

Contact me at authoriyer@gmail.com to leave comments, schedule author virtual sessions or ask questions.

Glossary of Tamil words used in the book.

  1. Amma: Mother
  2. Appa: Father
  3. Paati: Grandmother
  4. Thatha: Grandfather
  5. Chithappa: Father’s younger brother
  6. Chithi: Wife of father’s younger brother/mother’s younger sister
  7. Vadaam: Sun-dried rice crisps which are fried to make a snack
  8. Palapazham: Jackfruit
  9. Maavadu: Baby mangoes pickled in brine
  10. Bakshanam: A collective name for deep-fried snacks (savoury and sweet)
  11. Kutties: Little ones
  12. Rava kesari: A sweet made of cream of wheat, clarified butter and sugar, garnished with fried cashews and raisins
  13. Akka: Older sister
  14. Rakshashi: Demoness
  15. Kaapi: Decoction made from pouring steaming water over coffee grounds. Specific to South India
  16. Murukku: Deep-fried rice snack known for its distinctive swirls that come from handcrafting it.
  17. Lemon rice: Rice mixed with the juice of lemons and garnished with a tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves and green chillies.
  18. Maami: A generic term for middle-aged women in South India.
  19. Dosai: Thin, savoury crepes made from fermented rice-lentil batter.
  20. Chutney: A spicy dip typically made from coconut, green chilles and salt.
  21. Pattama: A term of endearment that approximates to ‘my silken one’.
  22. CSK: Abbreviation for Chennai Super Kings, a cricket team in the International Premier League.
  23. Poori: A deep-fried bread made from wheat flour.
  24. Aloo Masala: Side of mashed potatoes with onions, tomatoes and green chillies.
  25. Kannu: A term of endearment
  26. Naada: Drawstring that is used with the salwar.
  27. Peon: Admin staff who runs errands in offices.
  28. Chellam: A term of endearment that means ‘dear’
  29. Ammu: A term of endearment
  30. Paapa: Tamil word for baby
  31. Thambi: Younger brother
  32. Ayyo: A term of annoyance or surprise.
  33. Kannamma: A term of endearment.
  34. Kannu: A term of endearment.
  35. Ulla Vaango: Ulla Vaango is to ask someone to come inside respectfully.
  36. Maapilai: A term for son-in-law in Tamil.

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