My debut children’s book “Why is my hair curly?” is now available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle and Audible formats. Click on the link to get your copy: getbook.at/WhyIsMyHairCurly

The paperback version is now available.

Contact me at authoriyer@gmail.com to leave comments, schedule author virtual sessions or ask questions.

Glossary of Tamil words used in the book.

  1. Amma: Mother
  2. Appa: Father
  3. Paati: Grandmother
  4. Thatha: Grandfather
  5. Chithappa: Father’s younger brother
  6. Chithi: Wife of father’s younger brother/mother’s younger sister
  7. Vadaam: Sun-dried rice crisps which are fried to make a snack
  8. Palapazham: Jackfruit
  9. Maavadu: Baby mangoes pickled in brine
  10. Bakshanam: A collective name for deep-fried snacks (savoury and sweet)
  11. Kutties: Little ones
  12. Rava kesari: A sweet made of cream of wheat, clarified butter and sugar, garnished with fried cashews and raisins
  13. Akka: Older sister
  14. Rakshashi: Demoness
  15. Kaapi: Decoction made from pouring steaming water over coffee grounds. Specific to South India
  16. Murukku: Deep-fried rice snack known for its distinctive swirls that come from handcrafting it.
  17. Lemon rice: Rice mixed with the juice of lemons and garnished with a tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves and green chillies.
  18. Maami: A generic term for middle-aged women in South India.
  19. Dosai: Thin, savoury crepes made from fermented rice-lentil batter.
  20. Chutney: A spicy dip typically made from coconut, green chilles and salt.
  21. Pattama: A term of endearment that approximates to ‘my silken one’.
  22. CSK: Abbreviation for Chennai Super Kings, a cricket team in the International Premier League.
  23. Poori: A deep-fried bread made from wheat flour.
  24. Aloo Masala: Side of mashed potatoes with onions, tomatoes and green chillies.
  25. Kannu: A term of endearment
  26. Naada: Drawstring that is used with the salwar.
  27. Peon: Admin staff who runs errands in offices.
  28. Chellam: A term of endearment that means ‘dear’
  29. Ammu: A term of endearment
  30. Paapa: Tamil word for baby
  31. Thambi: Younger brother
  32. Ayyo: A term of annoyance or surprise.
  33. Kannamma: A term of endearment.
  34. Kannu: A term of endearment.
  35. Ulla Vaango: Ulla Vaango is to ask someone to come inside respectfully.
  36. Maapilai: A term for son-in-law in Tamil.

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