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I woke up this morning to an email outlining how many unsold copies (approx 1700) of my book Why is my Hair Curly? is languishing in a warehouse somewhere. The notion of time ticking while Westland wraps up its accounting and brings its life as an entity to a close, lit a fire in me. I figured I could buy some of it but the idea of the rest of the books disappearing without me having made one final push did not sit well.

I composed a message and patiently waded through my contacts on WhatsApp – pasting, editing and customizing it for each person. My message implored my friends and relatives to share the message with their networks, to pick up the book online or from a store.

The responses came pouring back. Some gave me a thumbs up. Others reassured me they were on it, a few more asked me questions. Then as the day passed, I got screenshots of book orders, and snippets of conversations that had me feeling warm and happy. Overcome, I posted on Twitter.

I have no idea if my blitz will cause a hundred or more books to sell. I have no idea what will happen to the unsold books. I have no idea if the book in its current form will exist in a physical or digital form anywhere for the foreseeable future.

I do know that the fire that lit inside me today will not rest until I find a way out of this seemingly dead end. It may take time, years perhaps, but Why is my Hair Curly? will come back in a new avatar – someday.

Until then, if you have not yet bought a copy, do it as a favor to me.

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