Giftorations: Decor That Doubles As Gifts

I rarely do advertorials/sponsored posts on the blog but being that this is family and I feel comfortable writing about it because of having experienced the product personally.

A few months ago, a cousin of mine Swetha reached out to talk about SEO and website traffic. Turns out she and a friend, both moms to toddlers were tired of baby showers that meant each person in the group had to shell out money for decor (one time use) and again for gifts. Based out of LA, they were already “woke” as far as going green and being eco-friendly as possible. Out of that need was born Giftorations, a primarily online boutique shop helping people plan parties without having to worry about what to do for decor and what return gifts to give.

Each package is artfully designed. Their attention to quality is palpable. They are very responsive to messages and work with each inquiry to tailor the items in the package for the client. I personally have been part of at least two parties and can vouch for the quality of the items.

Ammu and Pattu loved the personalized paw print tee shirts that were part of the farm animal themed party. Laddu is still playing with the magnetic letters she got as her return gift. All of the gifts were artfully packaged as part of the farm fence. Once the party was over, the cleanup was a breeze. The ‘farm’ was the return gift set up. The background decor turned into birthday keepsakes as each guest wrote a wish for the newly minted one-year-old.

I will let the pictures do the talking.


So, if you are intrigued, hop on over to their FB page or their website and check it out for yourself.

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