LMT – Being noticed

I hurry down the sidewalk eager to make the turn into the building and disappear into the humdrum of daily work life. Peeling the earmuffs, I stuff them into my already bulging bag, dig out my badge and wait for the elevator to ding.

The door opens and a person I knew from  my orientation a year and half back smiled back at me. I step in and the door closes. He balances a couple of big cardboard boxes as he glances at the floor I just punched on the panel. You look nice. He says. I smile color creeping into my face. Thanks I respond and scramble for an equally nice thing to say. Before I can say anything he says “you cut your hair huh?”

The doors open at my floor even as I nod yes and walk out. I smile wider as I swipe my badge to enter the inner sanctum where work waits for me.

It is nice being noticed I think, mentally making a note to be nice to the people around me.



  1. I hate to sound racist, perhaps it is a cultural thing. Complimenting never comes naturally to us (Indians, I mean). We don’t realise it until we have lived abroad (West, particularly) and experienced the niceness of it.

    I came back to India 8 years ago, and am yet to receive a single compliment from a (relatively distant) acquaintance. I tried to be free with mine, but gave up because people immediately look at you with suspicion (“what does this person want?”) when you pay them a compliment

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