Spooky thoughts for this Halloween

With just a few days to go before Halloween, I mulled over what to buy for Kay and Cee this year. Last year they were a butterfly and a bumblebee. Spying a bright green alligator and a pink and yellow butterfly vest costume, I bought them home. Then my wise sis in law told me this was probably the last year I could get away with recycling and reusing old costumes. So, I promptly returned the ones I got. This time I lingered around fingering the other costumes. I must have counted at least five different princess costumes and an array of scary looking ones I assumed were for the boys. There was a niggling feeling of disquiet as I left the store.

This evening I got an email from Jennifer Siebel Newsom of Miss Representation that eloquently gave voice to that niggling feeling I felt the other day. Hop over here to read all about it and come back and let me know what you feel.


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4 thoughts on “Spooky thoughts for this Halloween

  1. Laksh, IMHO girls can be pretty (sexy) and smart and career minded. They are your princesses aren’t they, nothing wrong in dressing them so.

    If we bring them up as smart independent sensible individuals, they will know the difference.

    1. SK,

      Nothing wrong with being pretty. What seems wrong to me is that sexy seems to be the only way to be pretty. ie., your size and appearance is all that seems to matter. I wouldn’t mind the beer girl costume or the nurse costume if they weren’t all about showcasing your chest or legs. I wouldn’t also be offended if there was an equal selection on costumes like astronauts or security guards in the girls section. It’s the profusion of costumes that portray girls and women as either pretty or sexy that bothers me.

  2. My pet peeve. I did not give in to the Princess theme for a long time. But then, my daughter loved it so much when she was 5 that I gave in. Two years later, she wants out of princess costumes herself. In her words, “I am a princess – I already know that, but now I want to also be something else.” I hid the glee on my face and went a-shopping!

    1. that is something I should remember. not to impose my views on everything they like and enjoy. guess I have to wait and see. 🙂

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