L. Gopal

Lakshmi has converted the skeptic in me. Not only did she describe my personality accurately but could also identify periods in my life (to the month) that have had a lasting impact on my life. For example, she picked November of 1986 as a defining period in my life, and that was spot on – my mother died in that month – an event that changed the trajectory of my life. In terms of my future, she picked September 30th of this year as a defining date, and I am not surprised, for I do anticipate something big at around that time period. What I particularly like about Lakshmi’s predictions is that she is not a doomsday sayer, and offers hope for redemption, even in the face of trying times.  I will certainly pick her brains more in the future and have no doubt that she’ll make a name for herself in astrology, as she has in the field of writing.

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