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Amplifying A Voice I Admire

Please take 10 minutes of your time to listen to Samira Ahmed, author of an upcoming young adult novel Internment. Not only is this book needed, but it is also essential for our children to walk with their eyes open.

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Book Review: Love, Hate And Other Filters

I started following the author Samira Ahmed on Twitter a while back when her book was yet to be published. I followed her through the preview of her cover art and the eventual publication date. The premise of the book is that of a teen figuring out her place in the world amid islamophobia and […]

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Jerkbait by Mia Seigert

I met Mia Seigert on Twitter in the process of growing my writing community and was blown away by how easy she was to talk to and how much she gave without reserve in terms of experience and tips to a newbie like me. I was planning to buy her book when it comes out […]

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Split – Swati Avasthi

I stumbled on Avasthi’s book by chance. Browsing my library’s YA literature, this came up as available. I checked it out and read it over two days. The story starts well enough but by the time I was mid way, my heart was racing and I was as jumpy as Jace and Christian. The pace […]

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