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Filial Expectations

I am at the stove deep frying thenkuzhal, a golden extrusion of rice and lentil flours fried and drained on paper towels before being inhaled. Amma stands next to me painstakingly filling the extruder for me to use for the next round. She then walks over to cut cabbage for the evening dinner. She is […]

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A Tale Of Two Mothers

  We roamed the mall side by side, me in my elastic waistband lounge pant and she in her jeans. We gawked the name brand stores, stepped inside H&M and walked out with bags. We sat by the water fountain, cups of coffee in hand and a box of pretzel bites on the table before […]

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Life, Musings, Work Life Balance

In Limbo

It is past 9:30 AM. Kids are in school, the kitchen is as clean as I can muster energy for, the laundry is done and I am showered and ready with nowhere to go. I walk around the home mentally going over the list of people I could call. I give up and put the […]

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Musings, Work Life Balance

The Unbalanced Life

“You should think about gainful employment,” my mom says to me as I sit on the floor, legs stretched out, my youngest clambering all over me. “Someday I will, I say…” and let the pause linger. I am tempted to justify my decision. My mind goes back to the October when I finally made the […]

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Wrapping up

Emails. Folders. Badges. Tokens. I had them all cleared, lined up and ready to return. As I shut the laptop with a satisfied click, I realized it marked the end of one period in my life and the start of another. Each eventful in its own right. Laddu on my hip, I turned my attention […]

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Happiness, Work Life Balance

My kind of perfect

I woke up from a nightmare. Except this was mid-day. Feeling very relieved that I was alive and better yet, I was not slipping in some quicksand, I brushed my teeth and went down. I had to rub my eyes yet again. The sink was clean. The kitchen sparkling and two loads of laundry done, […]

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Wake up and smell the roses

A flippant email exchange at work set me thinking. She wanted to go back to school and enhance her skill sets. I wanted to borrow myself deep in whatever it was I was doing and actually own something for a change. This change has been a decade in coming. I started out aspiring for the […]

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