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Reflections on reading

“I haven’t read a book in ages..” I remarked rather wistfully to a friend on the phone one day in the recent past. The conversation then veered onto books and off tangentially to culture and such. Climbing the stairs to my bedroom, my eyes were glued in the dim light to an interesting post on […]

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An upside down world

Seated at an odd angle to the projected screen, I angled my head to get a better view of the presenter. A balding pate, a face that seemed to smile even he was not, eyes that seemed gentle. The CEO of my new workplace was giving us a peek into his vision as part of […]

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A Reason, a Season or a Lifetime

I’ve gone to this text many times in my life. Often to explain little inconsistencies. Or big ones. Have never returned disappointed. It is one of those cliched things that always seems to make sense. My┬áIndia trip and this week had me puzzling over human behavior. I tried not to let it bother me. Yet […]

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Inexorable march to the future defines inexorable as unbending; severe, relentless, unrelenting, implacable, merciless, cruel, pitiless. Around where I live there are plenty of steep winding country roads. Much like roller coasters. One such road is the one connecting my home with my brother’s. Each time we drive back home there is this stretch where there is the feeling […]

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