A Happy New Year Indeed!

Happy New Year all! I woke up New Year's eve to the news that my yet to be published children's book was on a list of 50 anticipated books in India. Needless to say, I was excited and more than a little scared. 41. Why is my hair curly? by Lakshmi Iyer (Red Panda; Westland Publications) … Continue reading A Happy New Year Indeed!

Happy New Year 2019

One year bites the dust. Another emerges from the ashes. I wish for me and for you in this new year: Time for reflection Ways to practice mindfulness Balancing family with work Plenty of dinnertime conversations Lots of hugs and kisses Quality over quantity Country over party Kindness over everything else I am rooting for … Continue reading Happy New Year 2019

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Dear Readers, Thank you for following, engaging, sharing and connecting with me here. I am grateful for your readership. I wish you all happy holidays and a very happy new year! I will be away celebrating with my family and will see you all in the new year. Warmest regards, Lakshmi.

Be Careful What You Wish For

A few weeks back as I nuzzled the top of Laddu’s head as she curled up against me in the afternoon, I felt an intense need to keep her close and never let go. It hit me that this child will soon be in Kindergarten, taking the bus with her sisters. This time I get … Continue reading Be Careful What You Wish For

Finally, A Gift He Likes!

“This is the best birthday gift you have given me!” Saathi beams as he chops vegetables and lifts his eyes to mine. I search for snark and find none. He truly is enjoying the breeze the portable fan in front of him is generating. For years he would sit at the island, sweat beading above … Continue reading Finally, A Gift He Likes!

May There Be Light

2017 has been a mixed bag. I look forward to 2018 with hope, with optimism because not to would mean amplifying everything that was bad in 2017 and making it worse. I choose to think that we will come out of 2018 knowing that the world tilted a little toward all that is good and … Continue reading May There Be Light


The cold is uncomfortable. The kids shuffle along looking for their cozy slippers long buried under a mountain of fleece and wool. I long for a sweater but hold out hope for a return to warmth. The rain does not help. Incessant, drab, the drip, drip of the water is grating on my nerves. I … Continue reading Wishes

Serenading My Darlings

I watch from the front door, the stoop damp from all the snow melt as my children trudge through slushy piles of melting snow and ice. Their backpack hangs heavy from their shoulders. They carry a huge unwieldy  trifold board in their hands struggling to keep it off the ground. “I love you.” My voice … Continue reading Serenading My Darlings

Birthday Musings

Ammu nuzzles my cheek with her nose, throws her arms around my neck, kisses me and flits off to do whatever it is she is occupied with at the moment. Today she is working on a school project. There are sticky notes all over the place. She painstakingly colors the first American flag and sketches … Continue reading Birthday Musings

Sassy, Smart and Sweet

I wearily trudge up the stairs, my knee joints groaning in pain. Annoyance is writ large on my face as I open the door to Ammu’s bedroom. Ammu and Pattu are lying together, arms encircling each other. Ammu is holding on to Pattu’s earlobe in a gesture that is strangely comforting. I split them up … Continue reading Sassy, Smart and Sweet

One turn around the sun

You sit up next to me, your fingers prying my mouth open. I open one eye, not yet ready to wake. I feign sleep and turn around. I feel your chubby hands pulling my hair. Unable to resist your overtures, I push the covers away and sit up. You hold my shoulder and pull yourself … Continue reading One turn around the sun

Stars and wishes

"Good friends are like stars. You do not always see them. But you know they are always there." Admiration, Annoyance, Affection, Frustration, Pride, Envy, Freedom, Insecurity, Hurt, Guilt and Happiness. A friendship that has seen the spectrum of emotions from good to bad and then more. Sixteen years of knowing, growing and evolving together. An … Continue reading Stars and wishes

Another year passes by

I glance sidelong, your eyes look straight ahead at the unending road. I glance back, the girls are lost in their own worlds. I sigh and settle back against the plush seat back. Years have passed us by, adding wrinkles and crows feet. Grey hair and double chins. I remember the excitement of celebrating birthdays … Continue reading Another year passes by

It’s all about love

Love you! I exclaimed brightly just as I hung up the phone after talking to my sister to wish her. I sensed a moment of hesitation, an eye roll and a smile as she replied Thank you and not love you back. Sometimes I do it on purpose. Like to my mom, I say Love … Continue reading It’s all about love

A new year. A new life.

Legs curled under my body, I leaned on K as the year came to an end and the millions on TV shivered in the cold watching an electronic apple descend marking the count down to the next decade. It also wrapped up two unbelievably hectic, dark days in my life. As the new day dawned, … Continue reading A new year. A new life.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Tis that time of the year when smiles linger, email inboxes are chockfull of colorful greetings and the smell of cookies wafts by you every time you pass the office kitchen. It is also that time of the year when I feel this incredible urge to look back on the year past and look forward … Continue reading Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Light up your life – Happy Deepavali!

Ting. I glanced to see another email pop up at the corner of my screen. "Re Happy Deepavali" read the subject. I smiled as I leaned back knowing full well I could expect many more to stream in through the day. This morning as I picked people from my personal contacts list to send a … Continue reading Light up your life – Happy Deepavali!

Plugging for Sa – She Speaks

Sa went from being a regular blog to a bi weekly webzine. In my short association with Sa, my respect for it has gone up many fold. It takes a great deal of commitment and passion to make something like this come to fruition. Hats off Sneha and Shweta!! May Sa go from strength to … Continue reading Plugging for Sa – She Speaks

Wishes from miles away

Bubbly, breezy, she entered my life many, many years back. Till date, when I think of her effervescence is the word that comes to mind. While I wish her a lovely, lovely day and hope the year(s) ahead will be filled with joy for her. I want to share this video that I love and … Continue reading Wishes from miles away