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Limping, Walking, Winding down

Thursday morning started with the strange sight of Cee limping as she walked. I first thought she had something stuck to her foot. Gently pushing her to walk properly, I inspected her foot. Nothing. I then thought may be she was outgrowing her footed PJs and made a mental note to get new ones. The […]

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Under the cover of darkness

Settling in comfortably into cushions that were soft and welcoming, I tucked my legs underneath me and hugged a smaller cushion for warmth while taking in the earnest face across me in the dim lit room deep into the night. This Friday night K and I headed out to the lovely UL’s home for dinner […]

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Another weekend is gone

As I sit weary from my marathon laundry session today, I reflect on where my weekend went. It seemed like it was Friday evening and before I know it, my thoughts are already on what to make for lunch the next day. I check my work calendar to see if I have any early morning […]

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