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Before And After

  Some moments in life are definitive. The Before. The After. I stormed out of the local laboratory, a sobbing Ammu behind me. The walk to the car seemed interminable. I knew I should have stopped, bent to her level, held her close, wiped her tears and walked slowly, together to the car. Yet, I […]

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Adoption, Musings

Epiphany: Adoption Edition

I step past Laddu lying on the wooden floor in front of the fridge, in the throes of a magnificent meltdown. Her body heaves and lets out huge sobs, almost too big for her. Her eyes are red, her snot and slob all mixed into a runny mess on her face. I am tempted to […]

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Those shoes

I sat half-turned to my neighbor at work. “Is that a picture of your daughters?” she asked eagerly stopping by to peek at my wallpaper. I beamed as I said “yes!”. We traded notes on our kids and drifted off to how it was a light day at work. Then it happened. I wondered if […]

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