COVID-19 Diaries: Birthday Edition

Today was a day I had a lot planned for my twins. Ice cream cake, pizza, a sleepover with friends and possibly surprise gifts. Instead, we woke up to giggling girls, skipped breakfast, ate badam kathli, downed a simple kootu and rice for lunch, napped and cuddled as a family and spent the rest of … Continue reading COVID-19 Diaries: Birthday Edition

Milestone: Ten Years Old

Pattu bounds down the stairs each morning, a full hour before her sister Ammu wakes. Some days she hugs me around the middle. Some days, she sits at the island waiting for her dad to wake and give her company as she brushes. Our early morning conversations are limited but a growing reminder of how … Continue reading Milestone: Ten Years Old

Sassy, Smart and Sweet

I wearily trudge up the stairs, my knee joints groaning in pain. Annoyance is writ large on my face as I open the door to Ammu’s bedroom. Ammu and Pattu are lying together, arms encircling each other. Ammu is holding on to Pattu’s earlobe in a gesture that is strangely comforting. I split them up … Continue reading Sassy, Smart and Sweet

Restoring Balance

I rummage through the bin holding the stacked, folded clothes. A black polka dotted legging catches my eye. I pull that out and pair it with a pale green top. I look for the matching legging, feeling frazzled when I do not see it. I empty the bin, laying the folded clothes carefully on the … Continue reading Restoring Balance

The Ugly

I often write about The Good, very rarely about The Bad and never about The Ugly of my experiences with parenting. The past three weeks have however opened my eyes to the reality that is caring for children. One day in the past two weeks, I remember sitting in the bathroom eyes hurting, feeling rundown … Continue reading The Ugly

Slice of life

In the craziness of the morning rush, I paused on my way upstairs to see this. Siblings playing with empty plastic cups and taking obvious pleasure in just being with each other. I stop to take a picture before I get lost in the sameness of routine. As I take a break for lunch, I … Continue reading Slice of life

Notes to myself

This is more of a diary like entry for me so Kay and Cee can someday read back and know how their first day at school/daycare was. The day leading to and day of joining was almost like Deepavali. I had their new clothes laid out and ready to wear the following day right down … Continue reading Notes to myself

Learning on the go

Stepping out my shower, I heard Amma's voice unusually calm asking "Are you done? Please come out. Cee is bleeding.". My heart jumped into my throat. Imagining the worst, I was out as soon as I could to see Amma holding a rather bloodied child. Her face was smeared with dried blood. Her hands stained … Continue reading Learning on the go

Marking the end of a journey

Early this morning I woke up in the pre dawn hours to offer prayers to the forces unknown on the occasion of tamizh new year. Focussing my concentration on the twin lamps that lit up the tiny area, I reflected on the short but momentous journey to parenthood. You see, today was finalization day. A day when … Continue reading Marking the end of a journey

A day in the life of…

Stretching lazily I glance at the clock. It's about 10 minutes to 6:00 AM. Ten minutes before the alarm would go off signaling the start of a busy day. I take those precious minutes of calm before the madness starts. I reflect on the days before the girls when waking up before the alarm went … Continue reading A day in the life of…

One week of motherhood

It's been a week since K and I took the girls into our family promising to cherish and love them all their life. It's been one week of never ending good wishes and blessings pouring into our fledgling family from all over the world. One week of sleepless nights and interminable diaper changes. One week of … Continue reading One week of motherhood

To the man I love

I watch your eyes melt as you watch your daughter smile at you. Your face has this incredibly tender expression that I cannot explain. I watch the little one have you wrapped tightly around her little finger. I watch you wake up bleary eyed at 3:00 AM because you heard a cry from the next room. … Continue reading To the man I love