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Sassy, Smart and Sweet

I wearily trudge up the stairs, my knee joints groaning in pain. Annoyance is writ large on my face as I open the door to Ammu’s bedroom. Ammu and Pattu are lying together, arms encircling each other. Ammu is holding on to Pattu’s earlobe in a gesture that is strangely comforting. I split them up […]

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Restoring Balance

I rummage through the bin holding the stacked, folded clothes. A black polka dotted legging catches my eye. I pull that out and pair it with a pale green top. I look for the matching legging, feeling frazzled when I do not see it. I empty the bin, laying the folded clothes carefully on the […]

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The Ugly

I often write about The Good, very rarely about The Bad and never about The Ugly of my experiences with parenting. The past three weeks have however opened my eyes to the reality that is caring for children. One day in the past two weeks, I remember sitting in the bathroom eyes hurting, feeling rundown […]

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Notes to myself

This is more of a diary like entry for me so Kay and Cee can someday read back and know how their first day at school/daycare was. The day leading to and day of joining was almost like Deepavali. I had their new clothes laid out and ready to wear the following day right down […]

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