Feeling A Lot Like Christmas

I stand at my kitchen island, an array of things spread in front of me. I work my way methodically. Greeting card first, a thoughtful note inside, a gift card taped to one side, a pashmina shawl folded to fit into a small organza bag, a tiny candy sampler. I knot and tie each back, … Continue reading Feeling A Lot Like Christmas

Shakthi And Santas

It is late at night. Crumpled paavadais dot my bed, the blouses discarded a few paces away. Green and red metal bangles lie in a heap on the side table. I feel a frisson of irritation begin and I crush it before it can rise and fill my being. Instead of cleaning up, I stand … Continue reading Shakthi And Santas

Holding on to memories and traditions – Navarathri

It was past 9:00 PM this past Tuesday. K looked weary. I was tired. Are you sure? K asked. For a moment I wavered. Perhaps it was simpler to not make the effort. To blame work and kids and life for the lack of energy. I nodded. While K picked up the stray toy in … Continue reading Holding on to memories and traditions – Navarathri

Traditions we create

K and I share our wedding anniversary with fellow blogger UL and her husband. We got married on the exact same day. Our connections go beyond that as eloquently expressed by UL here. So, since our first anniversary we have always made it a point to visit the temple and eat outside and spent time … Continue reading Traditions we create